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Animal Sex Stories-How I Lost My Canine Virginity

How I Lost My Canine Virginity
The following is not at all meant to titillate or arouse anyone. It is simply the story of how I first started enjoying sex with my dog.

My name is Jennifer and I was 20 when I lost my canine virginity. I live in a college city and so a lot of people stay with their parents after high school to save on costs of going for an apartment or living in the dorms, I did not do this. While my parents do live here and I did live with them before college, I wanted to be "on my own" as soon as I could, so during the Summer after high school but before college, I moved into an apartment that my parents paid for but I was responsible for paying them back.

A requirement of any apartment I was potentially going to move into was that medium-sized dogs must be allowed, so my German Shepherd, Duke, could stay with me and keep me company, as I would not be having any roommates. It should be noted that this decision was in no way influenced by sexual relations with my dog on any level. We did not do anything sexual together until a few months into apartment life.

Before we get to that though I'd like to backtrack a little and talk about sex in general. I was a sexual girl in high school and am now a sexual grown woman. I lost my virginity early in high school and over the course of months and years of high school I gained a lot of experience with sex and how good it can feel, with males and females.

For as much as I do enjoy sex though I tend to be pretty picky about who it's with, which is why I was alone and bored in my apartment that fateful Sunday afternoon. A couple of months after I started college I actually had a Sunday free, no homework and no more studying needed to be done.

I hadn't had any action in more than a week and was starting to get antsy. Normally a quick text message or two to someone I know will fix that right up but today was different. I didn't feel like being around people, male or female, stranger or friend or friend with benefits, just wanted to be by myself. But how am I supposed to sate this desire to have an orgasm or ten?

Right after I asked myself that question I noticed my dog's tongue, he had come up to the couch and was staring at me from the floor with his tongue in plain view. From my experience with girls, and some guys, I know tongues can be very pleasurable when properly applied to the right places of a girls body.

So there I was, horny, alone and seeing my dog's tongue. A body part which I knew could satisfy my horniness. I took him to the bedroom and we wrestled on the floor for a few minutes. I did this in my underwear. This only made me hornier and so my panties were flooded and I needed to satisfy that hunger.

I laid on the edge of my bed, now naked, legs spread, pussy at the very edge of the bed. My dog immediately smelled something he liked, found his way to it and began licking and oh my god it was heaven (still is). He couldn't get enough human pussy and I couldn't get enough of his tongue. He brought me to several orgasms like I'd never experienced before.

We did this daily after my last class of each day for a few weeks. When I would rewardingly pet him afterwards, he would start to thrust his hips in a humping motion. I never put 2 and 2 together to figure out he wanted to actually mount me and nor did I ever consider having him penetrate me. A dog's penis just isn't usually in your mind, as it's usually hidden by its sheath.
That is until one day while petting him after a thorough oral sex session my hand to a little too close to his dick and it started to protrude from his sheath. When I saw it's tip the lightbulb IMMEDIATELY went off in my head. "No duh! I never even thought to let him penetrate me" I thought to myself.

I was worn out already at the time so we didn't, but I was VERY excited for the next day because I wasn't going to waste any time in attempting to have full-on sex with him.

So class finally ends and I rush to my apartment, underwear been soaking pretty much all day from the thought of what I was about to do. It never even entered my head that this was gross or wrong or anything and I to this day I don't believe it is.

I get inside, drop my backpack at the door and we immediately go to my bedroom. At this point he already knows and expects to get to lick my pussy after I come home, but he has no idea what is in store for him today.

We start out normally with some licking and the corresponding orgasms. I stop him before I'm worn out there and I call him up to stand. My bed being low enough for him to stand and still penetrate me, having thought of this beforehand lol.

I called him up, being a well-trained and intelligent dog, he did what he was told. His sheath just barely rubbed my pussy and he began thrusting. After a few thrusts and some help with my hand, the tip of his penis found my pussy and it fully came out of its sheath and into my body and again it was heaven and still is.

He only really thrust in and out of me for a few minutes before pulling out, but that was all it took. Though I didn't orgasm from it, I was hooked none-the-less.

He finished me off with more licking and that was the end of our first time together. I spent the rest of the evening on the computer reading about male canine anatomy and reading up on how to best have sex with a dog so I could not screw up and hurt myself or anything like that.

From then on, we practiced daily. He didn't have a lot of stamina and he still had trouble finding my entrance but practice made perfect.

We did it missionary on my bed at least five times a week, the weekdays and not usually weekends as I'm pretty busy catching up with my friends.

I experimented with doggy style, but I didn't want him knotting inside of me for fear it would hurt or accidentally penetrate my ass. I'm just not an anal type of girl, dog or not lol. I had read the proper technique for keeping him out of my ass and that the knot wouldn't hurt or hurt that much but I was still afraid. Still though, keeping him out of my ass before penetration, then having to stop him from knotting with me made doggy style was too damn awkward. So we stuck with missionary on my bed. Almost impossible for him to enter the wrong area or knot inside me, so it was perfect.

We did it like that for a few months. Come home after classes, take him to my bedroom, wrestle for a bit, then have sex.

During those few months I had been getting in contact with other woman that had experience with male dogs (obviously not on this site though lol) and they were all encouraging me to give doggy style a serious try.

So I did. Got on my hands and knees for my dog one day, kept him out of my ass of course and this time let him go all the way to the end and it was even more heavenly. His knot will press right up against my G-spot and for the 10-20 minutes that he's swollen. The whole time while we were knotted I felt a strange sensation inside of me every few seconds, a warm sensation. Thanks to my prior research I already knew that he was ejaculating into my pussy but I had no idea how it was going to feel. It felt amazing, it was so warm and there was so much of it!

And that is my story. Started when I was bored and horny and continues to this day. We are both far more experienced in it now and we both get maximum pleasure now. He enters my pussy almost effortlessly and together we manage to keep his knot inside me through the full length of his ejaculation, which I have learned requires at least one towel folded a few times to be laid beneath us

Animal Sex Stories-A Secret Exposed With Consequences

A Secret Exposed With Consequences, Blackmail, dogs, and surprises

Cathy woke up from a restless nights sleep. Laying beside her was Ralph, because he hadn't fucked her he had made her sleep with him. She had sucked him and fucked him and swallowed his cum and now today he was going to phone someone to come and fuck her ass hole.
Ralph woke up and smiled at her, "Come on honey, wake up Uncle Ralph properly". He threw back the cover and pushed her head towards his cock.
Cathy could smell her own pussy and his cum, this cock was revolting but she had no choice but to suck it. She speeded it up to get it over with as soon as possible, she knew she would feel sick swallowing his cum but carried on.
"You're good this morning honey", he said thinking she was enjoying it as he held her head shooting his cum into her mouth as Cathy swallowed it.
"Now that's what I call a good morning drink, I think I'll start every day off like this, now get your ass out of bed and make some coffee.
Cathy was glad to leave his company, she jumped out of bed and hurried out of the door.
The other girls were already up as they consoled their friend over her upcoming ordeal.
Ralph came down demanding breakfast and coffee which was duly served by the three naked girls.
Ralph got on the phone to someone and talked about money. Cathy was annoyed this bastard was turning her into a hooker.

"Okay, I'll meet you there in an hour, bye".
"I'm going out girls, if you're not here when I get back, the disc goes on the internet and your school, oh, have a shower and make yourselves up, you want to make yourselves nice for the visitors".
The girls showered and made up their faces then waited to see who would come.
The doorbell rang as Marlene went to open it. Standing there was her school principal with two of the sports coaches.
"Oh my god", said Marlene as she tried to cover up her nudity.
She rushed back into the room where the other girls were waiting. When they saw who it was they tried to hide.
"Girls, sit down on the couch, NOW", he shouted.
The three girls had never heard him talk like that, they sat down.
"Ralph won't be back again, nor will he post that disc, I have it, here put these on", and handed them three dog collars.
Marlene and co just looked at them. "Well, I gave you an order, why aren't you obeying it".
Julie felt a pain across her back as a whip landed on her.
"You two are lucky this time, but no more chances, when I give an order I want it obeyed without question, now get those collars on".
Marlene went to ask him what happened to Uncle Ralph but received a smack on her cheek. "You will only speak when I ask you to speak, that goes for you all"
What had gone on here, Uncle Ralph was preferable to the principal and his two henchmen. The fact was their principal was a club owner who put on private shows. These were just three more sluts he could blackmail, he had some of the prettiest girls in his school under his spell, the best thing was he didn't have to pay them a dollar
They fastened their collars as a coach fastened three locks, one on each collar.
"You will keep these on at all times for the next two months until you return to school".
"Let's see if you're any good to us first", said one of the coaches. Cathy was forced to her knees as Brutus was brought into the room.
"Suck him whore, let's see how well you can suck dog cock".
Cathy took his sheath and removed his cock to suck it at it grew more and more in her mouth.
"Your turn whore", as Marlene was pushed to the floor to suck dog cock.
Marlene wasn't so angry about being asked to suck the dog cock as being called a whore, how dare they call her that.
"You next whore", as Julie was pushed roughly to the floor.
"What do you think then, will they do", asked the coach.
"They'll do, put them in the car, I'll be out in a minute, just got to make a phone call".
Leads were attached to the collars and the three girls were led out to the car in daylight totally naked.
They sat in the car terrified of what was to come next, Cathy was fearful, she was still an ass virgin, the others weren't much better but at least they did have a cock up there.
The principal, Mr Whittingham came out and got in beside them. The two coaches drove off as Mr Whittingham felt the girls tits.

"Not bad at all, very firm, yes I think you'll do very nicely".
"Now let's see those cunts, you first Marlene, open wide".
Marlene opened her legs as the principal probed her cunt with his fingers then put his finger in her ass.
Marlene gasped as his finger went in, her ass like Julie's was still very sore from Uncle Ralphs fucking yesterday.
"Still sore are you, Ralph told me about fucking your virgin ass, I was going to kill him for that, I wanted your ass intact, still we've got Cathy's".
The other two had their pussies inspected and then settled down for the journey. The car windows were blacked out so they ha d no idea where they were.
They arrived at a large house where the three naked girls were led by their leashes down the driveway in full view of people passing.
They were taken into a large room where there were about forty to fifty well dressed men and women. Young naked girls were serving them drinks and were at their beck and call. "A fat man with a huge cigar looked up".
"Hi Richard, looks like you surpassed yourself this time, send the blonde over".
Marlene was led over to his table where he tapped the inside of her legs to open them. Marlene opened her legs wide as the fat man fingered her pussy.
"Turn around and bend over, let me see that young ass".
Marlene turned around and bent all the way down. Fat man stuck his pudgy finger in her ass as Marlene cried out.
"How many times Richard", he asked.
"Just the once, I wanted to kill him when I found out, this one is a virgin ass though", he said pushing Cathy forward.
"Send her over here". Cathy was led over by her leash to the fat man.
Again without speaking he tapped inside her legs to open fingering her cunt.

Twirling his finger he got her to turn around and bend over without speaking. The pudgy finger went into Cathy's ass hole as she squirmed and tried to pull away.
The fat man slapped her ass hard. "Don't ever pull away from me or you will be severely punished whore", he hissed.
Cathy stood still as he probed her ass with his finger. "Very good, keep her for me later, what do you think honey", he said to the jewel laden woman beside him.
Cathy hadn't got a clue who he was, only that he was going to fuck her ass hole at some time soon.
Julie was led to another table where she too was examined. Fingers were shoved in her cunt and this time a woman put her fingers in her ass..
"She's very tight darling, do you think you can get that big cock of yours in there", she said
"We can lubricate her ass first honey", said the man.
"We'll take her after the show Richard, I'm sure I'll enjoy it".
Marlene was led to another table with two women. "Bend over whore, let me see your ass, spread it".
Marlene spread her ass cheeks as first one woman and then the other probed her ass with their fingers".
"Okay Richard, you got a deal, we'll take this bitch for Rufus, he needs a bit of fresh ass".
Marlene, Cathy and Julie hadn't a clue what was going on.
All three were led to a room at the back of the house. There were some more girls in there all naked, Marlene wanted to ask what the hell was going on but remembered what the principal had said.
They were led out after half an hour or so to the middle of the room the had been in previously. A spotlight was shining on them as they were told to get on their knees.

Three girls came into the room with three dogs, a mastiff, a great dane and a weimaraner. The dogs were led straight to the three girls in the middle of the room.
These dogs belonged to the fat man and the two others who had fingered them, now they knew what he meant, they were being bought for their dogs to fuck, maybe it was a birthday present for them.
Now they understood, they were the cabaret, they had to put on a show with the dogs. The lights dimmed as a tannoy announced that the cabaret about to start.
"Place your bets ladies and gentlemen, the last dog to knot and pull out of a cunt is the winner, take your pick".
"Dog sluts pick your dog to fuck and suck", said the announcer.
It was like a commentary on a football match. "Blondie has taken the weimaraner to suck, shorty, ( referring to Julie) has picked the great dane, she can sit under him and suck that cock", that remark drew a laugh from the assembled guests.
Cathy was left with the mastiff. The commentary went on, "Blondie, (referring to Marlene) is in the lead, she's already got doggy cock out and sucking, I bet some of you gentlemen wish those lovely lips were wrapped around your cock".
There was a shout of approval from the audience as he said that.
Julie had the great danes cock in her mouth sucking it. She tried to forget there were people watching her as she imagined she was sucking Brutus.
"Let's see some cum on those lovely faces dog sluts", said the announcer, let them come over your face, I'm sure the guests want to see that".
There was a chorus of approval as the girls took the cocks out and sprayed their faces with cum.
"Okay dog sluts, that's your ten minutes of sucking done, get on your hand and knees with your ass in the air, come on ladies and gentlemen, place your bets now".
Marlene, Cathy and Julie knelt with their head on the floor as the dogs sniffed and licked at their cunts. The weimaraner was the first to mount as he jumped on Julie with his forelegs encircling her waist. One of the naked girls was on hand to make sure it went into her pussy and not her ass.
The great dane was next, he mounted Cathy and entered her cunt right away with no help from the naked girl at about the same time as the mastiff mounted Marlene.
The mastiff had the biggest cock as Marlene found out when he rammed it straight up her pussy. She felt the stirrings of a dog fucking her although she didn't want to with people watching and cheering.
Marlene couldn't help it, she was cumming as the huge dog fucked her. Although she didn't know it then, it was a godsend.
Poor Cathy didn't have the same enthusiasm, she liked a dog to fuck her, but she was worried about the talk of her ass being a virgin ass, what was in store for her.
Julie liked the look of her dog, they are beautiful dogs, he was fucking her hard when she felt something else trying to get into her.
"Oh my god, he's going to knot me, I've never been knotted before, oh dear god".
The weimaraner wasn't going to take no for an answer, he was forcing his knot into her swollen cunt. Julie wanted to scream but she knew that would only make the crowd cheer loudly.
The knot was finally in and sweat was running from Julie's brow as he finally started cumming in her.
Marlene was struggling too, the mastiff had a bigger knot than the other two, her cunt was being stretched to the limit as the dog forced it into her. She was glad she had an orgasm earlier, her pussy was still soaking wet.
Her knuckles were white as she felt the first splash of cum hit her belly.
Cathy was beginning to slightly enjoy being fucked by the mastiff but that was about to change. The mastiff was in no mood to let his bitch go without pumping his sperm into her. Gripping her waist more tightly he was forcing his knot into her cunt.

Cathy was dying to scream, she put her head on her arms to stifle any noise she might make. Mastiff was almost there, on final push and he had his bitch where he wanted her.
Cathy could feel the familiar splash she felt so many times before when Brutus had fucked her. He had never knotted her though, it was a strange feeling in her cunt, she was sort of enjoying this huge dog inside her, the crowd cheering dimmed the feeling.
The crowd were cheering loudly, each for their own dog they had backed to last the longest. Bets were still being placed on who would be last to pull his knot out.
Fifteen minutes passed when the weimaraner had enough, he plopped out of Marlene's cunt as dog cum and her own ran from her.
The voice came over the tannoy, "clean his cock blondie, suck all that cum off and swallow it". Marlene bent underneath and sucked him clean. She wanted to get up and go but was ordered to stay on her knees.
The mastiff was still going strong, Cathy was being royally fucked, in spite of herself she was cumming. Human and dog cum was now being mixed in her belly as mastiff kept on pumping semen into her.
Julie and her dog were still going as well, like Cathy and Marlene she had an orgasm as well. Cum was still splashing inside her but she was sure it was getting less and less. There were more loud groans from the crowd as her dog pulled his knot from her dripping cunt.
The tannoy rang out again, "clean his cock dog slut, nice and clean, we can't have him going back to his owner with a dirty cock now can we".
The crowd were laughing at his feeble joke as Julie literally sat under the huge animal and sucked off his cum.
She was ordered back on her knees as the crowd cheered Cathy with the mastiff still stuck up her cunt.
Bit by bit Cathy noticed the splashes getting weaker and soon stop. Anothe r few minutes passed before the huge knot slipped out of her as the people cheered again. The tannoy rang out again, "give the dog slut a cheer folks, she mansged to keep in her cunt the longest, now clean his cock slut".
Cathy sucked the dog cock clean and then knelt back down as ordered. The leads were fastened back on their collars and they were led off on all fours.
One of the naked girls who was obviously in charge told them they had twenty minutes to shower and wash the cum from their pussies and make up as she removed their dog collars.
"I'll be back in twenty minutes, be ready or else", and walked off.
The shower was big enough for three as they showered and made their faces up.
Cathy was glad the dog hadn't been made to fuck her ass, maybe she had got away with it tonight.
The naked girl returned and put the collars back on. She reached into a drawer and pulled out three ball gags.
Fitting each one she fastened them tight around their necks before leading them back out on all fours.
This time there were three frames in the middle of the floor. Each girl wa fastened to so her ass was presented to whoever wanted it. Their hands were fastened as well at the front.

The three men who fingered their ass and pussies pushed the girls who were sucking them hard and walked up to the three captive girls. Each girl had a girl putting cream on and in their ass holes. This was what the man had meant when he said 'I'll take her', they had literally bought their ass holes to fuck.
The naked girls finished lubricating the asses and walked off.
"I'm going to love fucking this virgin ass slut", he said squeezing her ass cheeks.
This time Cathy wanted to scream fuck off but the ball gag prevented any sound.
The man called Rufus whose wife and daughter had bought Marlene got behind her ass. He fingered her cunt first and then stuck his two fingers into her ass hole.
Julie had two fingers in her ass, they all wanted to scream as fingers were roughly wriggled about inside their asses.
Fat man had enough, holding Cathy's cheeks open he pushed his cock in as her ass hole opened. Tears were streaming down her face as the fat man pushed harder into her ass. He didn't care how she felt, he bought this ass hole and he was going to fuck it, he paid a lot of money for it.
Rufus who Marlene hadn't seen was already inside her ass, he didn't want foreplay, his wife and daughter had got fed up of him fucking them all the time they resorted to places like this where they bought him an ass hole to fuck.
Cathy was hurting, her ass felt on fire as fat man pumped furiously at her.
Julie was being fucked hard by another man who like the others had no concern for the girls asses, if it hurt it hurt, fuck them.
All three girls were crying now, Cathy was the worst, she wished now that Ralph had fucked her ass last night.
The pain subsided for a little bit for Marlene and Julie, but for Cathy it was pure torture, she was sure her as would split in two. Finally the pumping slowed as he held his cock deep in her as to fill her with his sperm.
Marlene anfd Julie were coming to the end of their ordeal as well, cum was being pumped into their asses as the men held cocks all the way in.
Ball gags were removed and the three men presented their cocks to be cleaned.
Marlene, Cathy and Julie were unfastened and led back to the room at the back. Cathy could just about move he r legs, cum was dripping from all three as they crawled back on all fours.
"Have another shower and your master will be ready to take you home, you have tem minutes".
The girl led them through the crowd where they had just been fucked and humiliated and handed over to the football coaches.
Again they were led to the car in full view of everyone and bundled into the back.
"That was your first night sluts, seeing as your asses are sore I'll give you tomorrow night off, but then It's every night after that, you're all worth a fortune to me".
"All that fucking has made me horny, suck me of slut", pulling Julies head down to his crotch. Julie removed his cock and sucked as he pressed her head down on it.
"What about me boss, can one of them suck me as well, can blondie do it, I want her to suck me off".
"Sure, why not", he said as Marlene was pulled down and sucked his cock.
Julie was held tight as cum was pumped down her throat. "Spill any on my upholstery and you'll be sorry", he told her almost choking her as she swallowed".

Marlene was being held the same as the coach emptied the contents of his balls down her throat.
The principal spoke again, "my daughter is coming to stay with you, to make sure you behave, but I warn you don't make her angry, even I'm scared when she's angry".
The three girls sat in silence, naked in the back of a car being pawed by the two men. Their lives had changed dramatically in twenty four hours, now they were sex toys for dirty old men and dogs. If only they knew what was in store for them.


Jennifer And Duke's Super Bowl Sunday!, Getting Pounded Harder Than A FB Player

Jennifer And Duke's Super Bowl Sunday!, Getting Pounded Harder Than A FB Player


iallSo as you all know now, from having read my previous stories, I do enjoy going out in public now and then with a few million gifts from Duke hanging around inside my vagina. As was mentioned in that story a female poster around her said she used panty liners, which I'd never thought of. If you've read my previous stories, which you have, you'll notice that I tend not to think of obvious things like that. I have since fixed that problem and have been doing a lot of shopping around for liners and have been enjoying putting them through the one and only test they have to pass.

Lunches, dinners, parties, get-togethers, classes, movies, all have now been attended with a panty liner that was having Duke's semen leaking into it.

As a few of you would know, there recently was one last football game of the season, it's kind of a big deal in the United States. As luck would have it, I have a few friends that host their own Super Bowl parties and I was invited. Now, I'm not really that into football, I'll study or do homework with the playoffs playing on TV in the background, but rarely do I ever sit down and actually watch a game. The Super Bowl being pretty much the only game I do that with. I couldn't care less who wins or loses or which team the refs screw with bad calls, I won't remember the winner two weeks afterwards anyways.

But who am I to turn down a high energy get together of my good friends? Turning down invitations to chill out with my friends is not something I normally do, so my February 5th was booked.

February 5th comes around and boy do I have some plans and a lot of these plans involve Duke and the poor doggy doesn't even realize it, hehe. Wake up at a decent hour as my friends and I are going to have lunch out at a restaurant up until kick off then we'll go to a friend's house to watch. I don't remember if I've mentioned this or not but I normally do not play around with Duke on the weekends. Friday afternoon up until Sunday night I usually do not do anything with him, just catching up with friends or being a nerd and doing homework or studying (i.e. at the last minute on Sunday). Super Bowl Sunday was going to be different, it was going to be one of my most active days with Duke.

Wake up, get him some food and hit the shower while he's eating. Finish up the shower, go out to the living room where he's now laying down still in my towel and take him to the bedroom. His tail starts wagging very quickly when he realizes where I'm taking him. I can't imagine why. Skip the normal wrestling that we do and I immediately lay down, pussy at the edge of the bed. He needs no instruction or encouragement to start smelling, then licking my freshly shaven pussy. A few orgasms later I move higher up on my bed, I get on my hands and knees, head and chest very low and I offer Duke the gift of my pussy.

Again, with no instruction or encouragement, he climbs on top of me and starts lining up his sheath with my soaking wet vaginal entrance. Using one hand I guide him in to his destination and I inhale deeply and moan quietly as I feel 6.5 inches of Duke dick shooting out of its sheath and into my pussy. My breathing gets harder and my moans get louder as he enthusiastically humps away at his bitches pussy. Front paws are muscularly holding onto my hips and his dick is rhythmically and also muscularly pumping away my pussy with no regard and it feels great.
One hand rubbing my clit while my pussy is being pumped of course makes it feel several times greater, if I do say so myself.

A few minutes and ton of orgasms later, his humping slows and I feel that mass at the base of his dick start growing and my breathing gets even harder, if possible as my pussy and related areas are sooo sensitive after what they've already been through.

Once his knot is fully swollen and we are tied together as Duke the Dominant Male and Jennifer, Duke's Bitch, I start rubbing my clitoris much more slowly now since we're going to be tied for a while. About ten minutes later and a good number of additional orgasms I feel his knot start to recede, as does Duke. It recedes enough for him to pull out of my pussy and he does exactly that, letting a flood of his semen and doggy sperm gush forth from my well pumped pussy. I stay in the same position and let him clean up his mess. After about a minute of final licking I gently lay on my stomach, then still gently turn onto my back and stick my legs into the air to keep as much of his sperm in me as possible and I take my conveniently placed underwear and put them on.

I stand up, pet Duke a whole lot, give him a treat and continue getting ready for lunch with my friends, which I should be leaving for very soon. I finish getting ready and go to lunch with my friends. Good times had by all and unbeknownst to them all, Jennifer has her German Shepherd's sperm leaking out of her pussy and into her underwear.

I am wet and horny the whole lunch, which about an hour and a half long. We were in no rush since the plan was for us all to leave the restaurant and go directly to where the party was going to be. Game time is coming up soon so everyone starts heading out and I tell my friends that I'll catch up with them using the excuse that I don't want to sit through 30 minutes of pregame talk, which is true.

What I failed to mention was that I wanted more. I just had to have Duke mount me again. So I go back to my apartment, underwear soaking wet from his sperm and from my own wetness, pussy aching for more attention to be paid to it. I normally drive about five miles faster than the speed limit but today on my way to my apartment this was not fast enough. I'd have to be going 100 miles an hour before I was going fast enough.

Finally after ten whole and very long minutes I get to my apartment (I obviously live in a small city lol) and practically kick down my door. I don't even remember if I locked my front door but what I do remember is taking Duke back to my room and stripping my clothes off as fast as I ever have in my life.

Duke seemed confused but didn't seem to have any complaints where things where headed. We skip the licking and I immediately get on my hands and knees and again offer my body to my dog for him to make me his bitch. Not just offering my pussy but begging for him to take me and have his way with me. He obliges and gets into position and quickly and forcefully begins humping Jennifer, Duke's Bitch again. No matter how fast he's humping me I want it faster and no matter how deep inside my vagina I feel his canine dick getting I want it deeper and no matter how hard he's pushing his dick into me, I want it harder. I was horny.

He stops humping me and his knot holds us together once again and no matter how quickly I was rubbing my clit, there were not enough orgasms in the world to satisfy my hunger for carnal, animalistic physical pleasure. I don't know if time just flew by in a whirlwind of orgasms or if his knot didn't last very long but all I know is that he easily pulled out of me before I actually noticed his knot was receding. After he pulled out of me it brought me somewhat back to reality and I immediately felt light-headed and confused. Where was I, what was I doing and what time was it? All questions running through my head, still breathing very heavily apparently.

After a few minutes my breathing goes back to normal and I start gathering my bearings. I'm still on my hands and knees with Duke obediantly cleaning up his mess from my pussy and stomach. Routine/habit kicks in and I go through my procedure of gently laying on my stomach, then rolling onto my back and lifting my legs into the air. My underwear are again conveniently placed within arm's reach for me to put on.

I put my underwear back on but just lay on my back enjoying the moment and still making sure my breathing gets back to normal. I look at the clock on my nightstand and we apparently did not take any longer than normal and was in fact a shorter session since we skipped the licking which is usually 10-15 minutes. This leaves me a decent amount of time to change clothes (but not underwear, hehe) and fix my hair because it definitely looks like sex hair.

Apparently I'm pretty damn good at time management because after I'm done getting prettied up I have just enough time to leave the apartment and get to my friend's house with less than five minutes before kick off.

I get to my friend's house and everyone is already in the midst of a good time, snacks and alcoholic beverages being merrily consumed. I myself just finished with my own good time, the hunger for raw animalistic pleasure has been sated. As my vagina has millions of Duke's sperm swimming around inside of it, I start getting a snack plate together and take a seat in front of the TV and proceed to watch the Giants beat the Patriots and just barely lol.

And that was my Super Bowl Sunday, one I won't soon forget. Especy since it's a day later and I'm stil sore.

Animal Sex Stories-Susie's Peculiar Three-way, Female Md Forced

Susie's Peculiar Three-way, Female Md Forced

Juanita paid the man, tried to flirt once more but with no more success than the first time, so poured herself a large glass of Merlot and sat in her lounge to examine her strange encounter.
She knew Susie wasn't gay, or even Bi, so what had brought on this weird sexual advance. She hadn't been drunk or stoned, so had she misread the signals. No, definitely not, her radar heaven knows what it might have led to.

While she was thinking about it, what on earth was the story with the big hound who was now living with her. He had stared at her so fixedly it had seemed he was trying to hypnotize her, and when that didn't work, tried to shove his snout up her dress.
She was up for most things sexual, but not with animals. In the circles she moved in, she knew it
went on. One of her friends had once told her, "You haven't lived until you've had a stallion’s erection inside you".
That didn't convince her, and neither did the guy who took her out to his lakeside house, and tried to entice her into threesome with him and his Great-Dane.
Still, the invitation from Susie was a turn-on, the girl was just drop dead beautiful, long slender legs, a flat stomach, and superb breasts. She decided on the spot, she would go back over that evening with a couple of bottles of good wine, and let the dice fall where they may.
She had just the wine on her rack, about eighteen months ago she had bedded a guy from the west coast, who was in town for some kind of wine-growers convention. They had spent an absolutely wild week-end involving lots of sex, and lots of red wine.

A month after he had flown home, she received a parcel with four bottles of a superb Merlot from his estate in the Nappa Valley. Thereafter, every three months or so, more wine would arrive. It seemed she had made quite an impression on the guy, and hoped that one day, he would swing by her place again, even if was only so she could repay him for the presents.

A couple of hours later, having showered and put on some sexy lingerie, she was back at the door. She found it strange that the dog didn't bark as the chimes rang out, but had no way of knowing that he already knew exactly who was calling.
Susie opened the door and welcomed her in, but to her astonishment, had returned being just her friend. None of the sexual innuendo was present, it was as if the afternoon interlude had never happened.
She opened the wine while Susie organized two large glasses, they filled them and moved back into the lounge. The dog who was apparently called Marcus, came over to her, but this time just sat in front of her and regarded her with his serious brown eyes. He was irresistible so she leant forward and started to stroke his head, and then scratch his chest talking quietly to him.
Suddenly his red shaft started to appear out of it's sheath, so she quickly stopped the with the affection, she wasn't exactly embarrassed, but didn't want to give him any encouragement to start sniffing at her sex again.

The big dog then wandered back to his favored spot, his head swiveled round to stare straight at his mistress. Immediately Susie's demeanor changed, she moved closer, and put a hand on her thigh, "I'm glad you came back" she said in a voice that was full of yearning.
They kissed, and a few seconds later, they were removing each other’s clothing in a sexual frenzy. Then it was hands, lips, fingers, finding sensitive spots and stroking them, she had desired her sexy neighbor since they first met, but had given up hope of consummating her dream. Suddenly Susie lifted her up onto her lap, and turned her to face away, this was easy for the big girl, who dwarfed her petite friend. Next her long legs slipped between hers and wrapped around the outside, the feet anchoring behind her own. Her thighs and freshly shaved pussy were now on display, and Marcus stood up, ready to make his move.

Susie‚  arms slid under her own, and then she linked her fingers behind her head, it was like some kind of wrestling hold. She found she couldn't move her arms or her legs, she was caught like a fly in a web. She tried to protest but Susie ignored her pleas, then Marcus moved in to claim another bitch. His tongue licked up the inside of her thigh, and despite her plight she felt a jolt of arousal.

She redoubled her attempts to wriggle free, but her friend was just too strong for her. "No Susie, please, it’s just plain wrong" she argued "Relax you'll love it" was the response, and the python like grip tightened on her arms and legs. Marcus had now reached his target, she felt his long abrasive tongue slide along the lips to her
pussy, and up over her clit and she was lost. God that felt good, and as if to emphasize the point he did it again, and took in more territory. The lick started out over her rear entrance, lapped across the sensitive bit of skin between it and her pussy, and this time slightly parted her labia before once again flicking up off of her
rapidly swelling nub.
She had long since stopped struggling and Susie now released her, and instead started fondling her nipples, she made no attempt to move, she had given in completely to that wonderful tongue. Marcus, having tasted the delights at her entrance, now proceeded to force his muscular organ further and further into her, she was groaning with pleasure by now, and all thoughts of how wrong this all was, had flown out of the window. With each lick his snout was banging against her clit, God, she was going to come in a minute.

His tongue was so far inside her now that it made contact with the ridge known as the G-spot, her impending orgasm moved a notch closer. She had read somewhere that the fabled G-spot was in fact the inside part of the clitoris. The nub that people referred to as the clit, and that men always seemed to be struggling to find, was the tip of an organ that ran over the top of the vagina, and made penetrative sex in both entrances pleasurable.
Just as she was about to blow, the intense licking stopped, she could have cried. First she was begging them not to make her do it, now she was begging them not to stop.

Then Marcus reared up over the both of them, pushing them back into the cushions and entering her at the same time. His huge paws landed on her shoulders, she felt his shaft slide in and immediately start to swell, he seemed to pause for a minute and then lunged forward giving her the benefit of every last inch he had. She was the meat in a glorious sandwich, and loving every minute of it. Susie seemed to have lost all inhibitions and was kissing her neck and ears, at the same time her hands were working magic, one on her nipple, the other had squirmed down and was caressing her swollen clit.

Marcus meanwhile was giving her the hammering of her life, his muscled rump thrusting in and out of her at blinding speed, his huge organ plumbing her depths on every stroke. She had never before considered animal sex as an option, she was known as a girl that was up for almost anything but not quite that far. She had lusted after her friend’s body for some time, but thought that a non-starter, now here she was approaching a massive orgasm brought on by the attentions of her 'straight' friend, and her friend's large German shepherd.

She could feel the contact with Susie's superb body, writhing underneath her, and could also feel the power of the beast lying on top of her. His pelt, where it touched her skin felt incredibly stimulating, his large head was resting on her shoulder as he raced towards his climax. She threw her arms around his neck, smelling the musk from his mane, and hugged him to her as her orgasm broke like a Pacific roller coming ashore. The dog for his part, shoved even more of his package into her, and began stretching her pussy in a most wonderful way. Seconds later she felt the gush of his hot seed somewhere deep within her, complimenting her climax with his own, she just hung on for dear life as the momentous orgasm lifted her and shook her like a rag doll.

My God, what had she been missing all this time. !!

Animal Sex Stories-New Neighbors, Wife and the neighbors

New Neighbors, Wife and the neighbors

So I get home last night,and my wife is no where to be found. I go out to the back yard,and nobody out there. As I turn to go in,I distinctly hear my wife,yelling OH OHO AAAAAUUUHHHH GOD i'M CUMMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG. I run over to the fence,and look over. Theres my wife still muttering jiberish,jurking,and convusing on her hands and knees,our neighbors wife under my wife in a 69 . Our neighbors husband dildoing my wife with their Great Danes huge dog cock. As I took in this site,I noticed the neighbors other Great Dane,and our Mastiff lieing in the yard obviously exahsted. When my neighbor finally pulls the dogs dick out of my wifes cunt,my cock is rock hard. I watch as he pointsthat big red wet,still squirting dog cock at his wifes mouth,painting her face,till she raps her lips around the end of the dogs cock . After a few seconds he pulled the cock from his wifes mouth,and back to my wifes pussy.

I could hear her whimper,and moan,shanking all over againThe sucking ,slurping squishing noises,not to mention the perverted scene in front of me was to much,and I busted a nut ,didn't even have my cock out. As they finished up,I went back to my truck and drove around the block a couple times to think. I was pissed because my wife was cheating on me,but turned on by what she was doing. I decided to wait and see if she would tell me about it,and was this a regular thing,or something new that showed up with our new neighbors. I'm going to pick up some wireless cameras,and set a couple in our house ,and on the fence. I'll let ya'll know what I find out.

So ,I got the cams set up,two in the house,and two out in the back yard. I watched yesterdays vid,Even at 43 my wife is fucking hot. She didn't fuck Max(our mastiff) ,but she does dance around the house as she does the house work,I'm talking a sexy bump and grind to,dam shes fucking hot. How about a discription of her ,sandy blond hair,5'6″,natural 32c tits,tan,and firm, and untill two days ago I thought a little inhibited. She still hasn't said any thing about her or the neighbors,but she has been more affectionate towards Max. The new neighbors moved in 2 weeks ago. They're a black couple,he's a lawyer,and she's a physical therepist,a very good looking couple in their 40′s or 50′s. They have two Great Danes ,named Lance,and Stretch,after the other night I get why. I got to get to work ,but I'll let yall know whats been going on again tonight.

I watched the latest video,it started off the same,wifey doing her bump & grind in her skimpy shorty robe. That didn't last long ,as Max comes trotting into the room my wife bends over,puts her hands on his head,and gives him a big kiss. As she straightened up she slipped off her robe,I watched Max stick his snout in Jennies crotch. She spread her legs more,and thrust her bald pussy into his face. It took all of 2 minutes before Jennies hot round ass started humping Maxes face,her head shaking before pushing Max away. I got to get the audio,and more cams. Jenny ,and Max step out of view long enough for her to get a blanket.

She has Max sitting to the side while she spreads the blanket out on the liveing room floor. I have to say I was impressed with Jennies control over Max,I can't remember haveing that much restraint when my wife was naked in front of me.
She layes down and calls Max over,and positions them in a 69,max is going to town on Jennies cunt,and she was pumping her head up ,and down his huge doggy dick. Like I said getting audio soon. This went on longer than I would have thought,every now,and then she pulled the dogs cock from her sucking mouth,and sprayed her face,and tits with doggy juice reveling in the hot wet juice. After 20 minutes of wet sucking fun Jenny slides out from under Max,and gets on all fours.

Max does'nt even hesitate,and is up,and humping . Jenny reaches between her legs,and guides his long fat dog dick to her cun,and away they went. Jennies head jerked up,her eyes as big as sausers,I could see her mouth forming words,as she pushed ,and humped back against Max.
The action ended after about ten minutes,with her face down on her arms I could see her ass shake,and wiggle every couple of minutes with little orgasmic quakes. fifteen minutes later Maxes dog cock popped out,and Jenny instantly got into a 69 again with Max,sucking ,and licking all their cumm from his cock till it slipped back into his sheath. When she finally came out from under Max she was dripping wet,and slimy from her face to her tits with doggy dick juice. I could'nt believe my nasty wife was scoopping up the dog cumm from her oozeing pussy,and rubbing it into her face,and tits,and licking it off her fingers,and hands. More cams,and audio going in tonight ,these videos are very hot and nasty,be back later.

Back again with a new Dog Day After Nooner up date,I added the audio,and four more cams for more angles mostly. Todays video included the neighbors wife. Jenny started the day same as usual,only now she does her strutting totally nude. Danceing around the house she finds Max,and gets him to stand on his hind legs with his front paws on her shoulders,he actully stood a few inches over her. Jenny danced with Max for about a half a song before he jumped back down,and started licking her sweet pussy.

She stood in one place,but her hips kept churning ,and undgelateing,literally fucking our dogs face,and tongue,I could now hear the dog lapping away at my wifes sloppy wet cunt. After about five minutes of breathy sighs,and whimpers Jenny drops to her knees,and starts lickig at Maxes mouth,sucking his tongue into her mouth,God its like she's in some kind of sexual freny. Jenny slips under Max,and starts working his cock jacking ,licking,and sucking till he starts squirting his lube all over her face,and mouth,dripping down to her beautiful tits where she uses her other hand to rub it all over her body. Its about this time that the door bell rings,I'm expecting Jenny to ignore it,but she jumps up ,and runs to the front door still naked She looks though the keyhole,and quickly opens the door,and in walks Denise with her two Great Danes.

Denise is a tall woman about 6′ tall,and slender till you get to her magnificent beast 34d's. She had Lance,and Stretchgo,and lay down in the kitchen. This was a training session for Maxto teach him how to share bitches,and socialize with other dogs aggreably. It was also to teach my wife all the filthy things you can do with a dog. It didn't take long for Denise to strip,what a singlerly sexy sight as Denise kissed Jenny sensuous on her lips each had a hand on the others ass ,and tits humping,and rubbing up against each other,Jenny's sexul frenzy apperantly contagious.
They finally made their way to the couch,Max getting his licks in where he could. Jenny ordered Max to sit ,and he did. The two women made out for a couple of minutes,Max was makeing little winey whimpers,Denise said she loved the flavor of body oil Jenny was wareing,and Jenny asked if she'd like a taste from the sourse,and both women slipped to Maxes crotch. They both played with his balls,and sheath till the pink tip emeged,so fucking hot watching a black woman ,and a white woman cheek to cheek, licking ,and sucking on a big ass dog dick. I looked at Maxes face,and busted out laughing my ass off, thinking I'd have that same expression on my face if I were in his place.

Denise turned around on all fours,while my wife got Max into position. Once Max had his big dog dick in Denises pussy,Jenny slid under Denise in a 69,and proceeded to suck,and lick at the juices dripping from Denises thick lipped cunt. Her pussy lips were noticeably long,and thick,they streatched a full 4 inches on the dogs cock when he pulled out of her wet slurpping cunt. Denise lifted her pussy coated face from Jennys twat,and called Lance. Moments later Lance the Great Dane came trotting in,and Jenny slipped out,and stood up. She took control over Lance ,and had him lay down in front of Denise. She went right to sucking his cock,till it was nice and hard,then Jenny straddled Lance,stuffing his huge cock into her pussy,Denise steady licking up the juices dribbleing from my wifes humping pussy.

Once again she calls out ,this time for Stretch,and in he trots. Jenny calls him closer,and positions Stretch over Lance,and herself,in a 69. Jenny then proceeds to suck off Stretch,while rideing Lance,while Denise is licking Jenny from her asshole to her pussy full of dog dick,while her own cunt is getting hammered by Max. Max was first to pump his sperm into a cunt,makeing Denise moan,and cumm herself.
My wifes talented ass was humping as fast as she could move it,Icould hear her dog dick muffled cries,and moans,till she started chokeing,and coughing,spewing dog cumm from her mouth. She didn't take her mouth of the dog cock flooding her mouth,but did raise her pussy off the spurting dog dick ,which Denise promtly sucked into her mouth,gulping down mouth full after mouth full of dog cumm. After disengaging from one another,and licking each other clean,they cleaned up the rest of the mess,Denise getting into Jennys little bump&grind routine still naked,I love Hot Naked Women. Denise got dressed,and they made plans for next week they kissed goodbye. Tune in next week, same Dog time, same Dog channel,lol

Animal Sex Stories-My New "master"?, what is a little control between friends

My New "master"?, what is a little control between friends

This is just the start no dog action yet. Just som really hot fantasies. I promise there will be some hot doggy fucking before long!

I had long been interested in BDSM and dogs (in a sexual way) but had never really done anything beyond some internet searches and reading erotica and of course some very hot fantasies. Every time I even thought about dogs and BDSM in the same thought my pussy would heat up and my panties would be dripping! I loved the idea of having my most secret fantasies fulfilled and having my darkest wishes granted. I wanted to be forced to fulfill my deepest desires, it make me so hot thinking about being controlled and fucked by a horny man and his faithful companion.

I liked to keep my pussy shaved bare and easy access for my fingers but I knew it would also make it nice and easy for a dog or a man to find my horny clit. I was using this to my advantage as I lay in bed that morning rubbing my fingers over my soft mound and thinking about my favorite fantasies. I began to pant as I tugged on one nipple and rubbed my clit wishing I had some male company to fill my juicy pussy. My alarm began to go off and I quickly brought my self off not really satisfied by the quick orgasm but not having any more time before work to play with my horny cunt.

I got dressed for work quickly and decided to wear a shear blouse and a fun and flippy little skirt. It had gotten to the point where my puffy cunt could barely stand the brush of fabric on it. To save my poor pussy and also because I was feeling naughty I decided to go pantiless under my skirt, after all it wasn't that short and it wasn't like it was see through or anything!

Finally arriving at work I sat down and prepared for a long dull day of answering phones and typing, really I wish I could have stayed home in bed pleasing myself as I dreamed about being fucked. Oh well maybe some day for today I had to pay the bills. As that boring day rolled on and no one came into my office I began to play with my lonely pussy. After all it was dead at work and my boss had not stirred from his inner office in hours. I was horny and I was alone who would begrudge me a little fun. Since it was so quiet I even pulled up a site that feature some of my favorite dog on woman pictures. I particularly liked the ones where women were being serviced by dogs as a man directed the action. I loved the look of helpless pleasures on the women's faces as they seemed to be cumming almost against their own desires so caught up in being fucked and forced. It made my pussy burn and my nipples ache. I rubbed my own clit and wished I could be in one of these hot scenes.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
All of a sudden my phone jumped to life and I heard my boss's voice. "Sadie can you come in here please" he asked forcefully. I gulped and pulled my wet fingers out of my cunt quickly rearranging my skirt and jumping to my feet. 'Yes sir right away' I said. My boss's same was Sam Harrison but he liked me to call him sir. It actually gave ma bit of a thrill to call him that imaging he was my master my sir in sexual sense and not just at work.

Sir sat behind his desk his hands clasped in front of him and stared at me as I entered. I gulped and hurried to stand in front of him not sitting just waiting for his command. "Sadie you do know that everything you do on your computer can be accesses by me?" he asked. I gasped but tried to stay calm, I had forgotten that. "Um yes Sir" I stammered. "Sadie you know you are supposed to be doing company work while you are here if you don't have enough to keep you busy why should I keep you employed?" he asked sternly. "Oh but please Sir I need this job" I begged. "Well I guess if you need it so bad and you don't have enough company work to keep you busy I might have to find some outside things for you to with your tine." I shivered as he spoke he looked hard and serious and I wondered what he had planned for me.

I asked tremulously "What do you mean Sir? What do you want me to do?". He drew a deep breath and said "Well Sadie after seeing what you have just been looking at I am thinking maybe you might be best used and most useful in servicing me and my pet." I didn't know what to say I wasn't sure whether to be excited or scared at the prospect of having my dreams come real. Sir seemed so large and stern and I knew his pet was a large German shepherd trained to protect and it had always sort of scared me. The dogs name was Kaiser and he was kingly large, stately and in command. If ever a dog seemed to demand respect he was it.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
"Sadie why don't we start off by getting you in the right outfit." sir said. "Removed your blouse and bra" I did as he commanded unable to resist rubbing over my stiff nipples as I did.. "Well, well I don't know whether to be upset that you are touching yourself without permission or glad that you seem so willing to play along" he mused. I just moaned and spread my legs a little further apart as me pussy jerked and juice ran down my legs. "Mmm Sadie why don't you remove your skirt too but leave on your heels and sit in that chair behind you." I obyed and he hummed his approval as my bare body sat before him. "What a hot little body you have so ready and eager to be fucked,. I think it is time you showed me what you were doing today when you were supposed to be working." I had lost any inhibitions I might have had and quickly moved to obey.

I lay back my legs lewdly spread one hand frantically rubbing my stiff little clit. As I worked myself into frenzy sir reached over and handed me a huge dildo. "Try this he said I want to make sure your little pussy is opened wide and ready for me to fuck it." I grabbed it and began to force its length into my well lubed cunt moaned as I stretched over it and loving the feeling of being filled. This simple act of penetration made my clit burn and my cunt spasm in anticipation and lust. One hand began to play with my tits and the other working the dildo deep within my hungry cunt. My bare pussy lips were drenched in my juices as my fingers worked over my swollen pussy and my breasts bounced as I panted and moaned the tips hard and pointing with arousal. Sir spoke 'spread those legs wider I want to see both of your holes.' I moaned my assent, widening my legs even further and pushing my cunt up at my fingers as they flew over my sopping mound. My juices ran down from my burning cunt and coated my ass as moaned in approval. I moaned and gasped as I approached my orgasm before I could cum Sir said "Stop that is enough give me back the dildo and put your hands on the chair arms." I whined eager to cum I didn't want to be denied my pleasure. My pussy clamped down so horny and hungry and loathe to let that hard length leave it.

As I sat there spread open and gasping my body shaking with the orgasm that had been denied me eager and on the edge. Sir spoke again "Come over here Sadie and kneel in front of my." Quickly I did as he commanded and knelt before him his thick almost obscenely large cock was standing up before me loosened from his trouser the tip glistening with pre cum. Like the good little subs I had seen in pictures and vides I knelt beside him and at his command I moved between his legs and touched his huge cock.. I worked my hand over his length and then licked down him like he was the tastiest ice cream ever invented. I ran my tong along the thick vein on the underside and teased around the base of the flaring head he groaned and using his hands lined his cock up with my open mouth.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
I loved the taste of him I sucked on his plump head and the dove down his length forcing it deep into my mouth and throat so eager to see if I could fit all of his magnificent cock in my mouth. He chuckled "Don't hurt yourself Sadie there is plenty of time to work up to that". I moaned lost in lust and determined take all of him. I fought back my gagging reflex as my saliva coated him and made him slick running down his length and over his balls. I wanted to make Sir feel good. I thought if I was good enough he might let me come too. It amazed me how quickly and easily I let him command me. I loved doing as he bid it made me feel complete and hornier than ever before. Once again before either of us could cum he pulled my mouth off his cock it came free with a pop I had been holding him so tightly.

"Go to the couch and lie down make sure to spread those thighs as wide as they go." Shaking with lust I did just that hoping that an orgasm was in my future. As I reclined on the couch he knelt between my thighs and putting my legs over his shoulders he drove mouth first into my pussy. I screamed out as he licked me from top to bottom and back again sucking on my puffy lips and nipping my clit. I was awash in a sea of lust my head rolling from side to side and my hands grasping at the air as I began to shake in one rolling orgasm after another.


Animal Sex Stories-My Lover, My Dog

My Lover, My Dog


My first time followed all those earlier frustrations. To be clear, I've never found it super easy to have sex with dogs as often as I want or the way I want. Even now, years later and with a lot of practice and experience, I find it as frustrating and difficult, about half the time, as the first few times I tried. But oh the other half of the time. Wow! When it works right, it absolutely drives me over the egde. It's more than just the physical aspects, though those matter a lot. It's also just the fact of it. The reality that I'm having sex with a dog. It makes me so horny that I can't hardly stand it. So when it doesn't work right, it drives me nuts. And when it does, I explode in pleasure.

Anyway, I was 26 at the time of my first real sex with a dog, which was Titan, our Chesapeake. My husband and I were separated, working through the details of our divorce (which I don't blame him for, it was my fault for having sex with his Dad). That was a Friday evening and he'd just taken our two sons, the oldest was 7 and the younger was 6, for the weekend so I was in our home alone.
The house was two stories, when the daylight basement is counted. It was getting dark and I was in the kitchen, washing dishes. I happened to look out the window, onto the back yard, and saw Titan striding around the back yard and I noticed that his penis was out of its sheath. It wasn't full-sized, but was big enough to be very visible. I didn't know why that had happened, but immediately decided to see if he'd do better with me if he was already in the mood. So I stopped, wiped my hands and went to the downstairs back door and called him inside. He came bounding in and I called him to follow me and led him straight to my bedroom, stripping clothes off as I went.

By the time we got there, I was topless and had undone my pants (I was barefoot already). I waited for him to come into the bedroom and quickly slid my pants and panties off and then climbed onto the bed and got on my hands and knees and called him up with me. He sprang onto the bed and I noticed that he was a lot more "excited" in his body language than he had been a few days before when I had tried this. He moved immediately behind me and shoved his muzzle into my crotch from behind, sniffing and then quickly licking me. I literally groaned right out loud it felt so good to have that thick heavy tongue running up and down me from behind.

I looked over at the mirrors on my closet doors (they were to the right of the bed and covered the closet doors and showed the whole room clearly so I could see us both in the mirrors). He was standing behind me, leaning down on his front legs, shoulders lowered and head down and pushed forward into me. I could see the pink of his tongue as it lapped me from behind. After a few minutes he seemed to tire of licking my pussy and moved up to my anus, pushing his tongue between my cheeks and trying to dig it into me. I groaned again. I've always loved my asshole to be explored. I don't know why exactly. Probably because it's naughty. But after a while I patted my ass with my right hand and called him, trying to get him to climb onto me. He lifted his head, back up, and ears perked, barked at me.

"Come on you damn dog!" I said, frustration starting to build again. "Just get on!"

He didn't understand and I had to crawl around a bit, wagging my ass at him, having read that sometimes works and having seen it in some porn, and he finally did it, climbing onto me from behind. His claws hurt like hell when they raked down my torso as he leaned forward onto my back and pulled roughly at me, pulling my ass back toward him. For several seconds he tried to find me, thrusting at me, but kept sliding up my slit and between my ass cheeks. I was worried he might enter me there and didn't want that. But I was also ridiculously horny and wouldn't stop, even for fear of that. I could feel how wet I was and swollen with desire.

And I could feel droplets of something spraying on me as he kept trying to find me. After about a minute or so I started to pull away from him to try and find a better position and as I did, he gripped me even tighter, his paw-pads, surprisingly rough, pressing on my thighs as his front legs, the bones feeling like steel bands on the front curve of my hips where he held me tightly and painfully, and he hunched his hind end forward and found me, sliding straight into me. I let out a yelp of surprise at the depth he immediately plunged to, and he seemed to freeze in that position for a moment and then began to hump away at me with ridiculous speed and force. As he did, I felt him swelling inside me to a size I'd never felt before. It felt like my entire lower body was imapled on him. Like a softball was pushing its way up under my lungs. I was pushed forward when his weaight came down on my naked back and I felt his head push forward against me, pushing me off my hands and onto my elbows, my ass raised up at a sharp angle so my pussy could accept his thrusts, his muzzle pressed against the back of my head and pushing my face down.

Each thrust drove a gasp out of me, pushing the air out, and drove my whole body forward and then back as he fucked me. I turned and looked at the mirrors and loved what I saw: his huge form humped over me, upper torso pressed down on me, head thrust forward over mine, his back end jerking in rapid hitches at me, my naked body gripped tightly underneath him, and my breasts bouncing with his jerks. This is what I had wanted.

It was painful. I'd never imagined something that big could be pushing so far into me. But the pain was quite minor compared to the feeling of pleasure. Then his knot swelled up and pushed several times in and out of me before finally getting locked outside of me and banging away at me for several seconds. Then he slowed and stopped and held his position for a while, and I could feel him still cumming inside me. I could feel my own vagina responding to the amazing sensation of having something so large and warm inside it that it was completely filled and I knew that I was going to have an orgasm myself. But before I could he suddenly pulled back and out of me, a gout of his semen spraying out and running down my thighs and pussy lips and dripping onto the bed, soaking my bed-spread.

For a few moments, I remained there, gasping for breath and a little disppointed that it had ended without me having an orgasm. Then I fell forward on the bed and lay there, catching my breath and cataloguing how I felt. I noted that the scratches were burning painfully on the sides of my rib cage and on the left side of my waist and on both thighs. I also felt some on my left calf and glancing back saw them. He must have stepped on me at some point. I hadn't felt it when it happened. My pussy hurt some. It ached and felt bruised. It also burned a little so I knew I had some abrasions.
I was itching all over from dog hair sticking to my naked skin. I could also smell a powerful odor of our sex in the room. It was a strong mix of my vaginal scent and Titan's powerful dog odor. I liked it. After a while I rolled over and noticed the bed spread was wet in a couple of large spots. I felt more semen leaking out of me as I lay there and when I sat up, a minor gush poured out of me, soaking my ass because it ran back underneath me. Titan was laying across the bed, licking his penis.

After a little longer, I rose and walked, a little unsteadily, into the bathroom and ran a bath, then lowered myself into it, washed and soaked for a long, long time, processing what I had just done. The whole thing had lasted less than five minutes, yet I felt that my life was changed forever.