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Let me introduce you ........Me myself siddharth roy doing mba last year . those incident took place when I was 18 in 12 th grade which changed my life.

My Dad is semi retired as a contractor, though he keeps busy consulting and such and Mom is a fashion designer she normally works from home itself and earn handsomely, but only part time. In fact my Dad had a friend of his that wanted him to consult on a development he was building, so he could make it a business trip as well. My dad is 49 yrs old and mom 38 yrs old. Dad is a little over weight with graying black hair and Mom is tall and thin and has deep red hair with whispers of gray around her face.

we have a small 2 bhk flat in sub burbs mumbai in our family me mom dad grandmother (dads mom age 79 ) live together. mom and dad share a bedroom while me and grandmother share one.

I had a crush on my mother, AISHWARYA. I am 20 now but my lust on her started at a very young age. I wanted her and I had a thought of giving even my life to get her. I definitely don't want to rape her or I don't want to give her some sleeping pills and get her in sleep.

I wanted this gorgeous women in bed with her full presence and involvement. With all her interest and satisfaction I want her to enjoy what I have for her I want her to know how much I want her, How much love I have on her And how much desire, lust and crush I have on her how much adulation i have and I wanted her to know how much of appreciation I have on her.

I want her to distinguish my kind of Attraction I have on her is very different from what the entire south India has got on her. 

And that's because , I love her. I love her as a woman. I love her charms and her character. I am the one who saw her in her dark times And in her shadowy times. In her bad moods And I love every moment of them. She is a great lady and a greatest human... 

That love I have on her have crossed its limits one day on my youth and I started to have a manly love on her. I started noticing her world.. the magical celluloid one . 

I like her from her head to toe I like her silk sexy long hair her round face, chubby cheeks and her dimpled chin (yeah a fantasy fairy tale lady aishwarya rai) And her lovely eyes I love her smile Her luscious buxom and sexiest body.

Her beautiful boobs Buttery or milky in complexion like a molded butter cake At the same time with a size of a konkan coconut. She had a sexy dark and slightly curly hair as a normal malayali women have... I think I don't have to describe her famous waist or hips most of the keralites are well aware of her boobs which are still firm and standing straight trying to pierce thru her jacket and sarees. and her butts are even sexier but these are not simply the reasons this adoration , admiration and didn't start overnight...and I am in a situation cannot openly or forcefully approach her I cannot directly say that I love her or I need her badly on bed because she is my Mother. 

I feel myself with pride being a son to the most beautiful, gorgeous and utmost sexiest women of the say, entire south India. 

Also being a son to a lady like her I have enjoyed many luxuries of life and attention , which i really never liked. 

Early from my childhood I am noticing her with great care and love. Not just like others who see her in silver screens. But at home without make ups and casual wears... She is a very very strict one at home. She brought me up without any strains of the normal mud. She always behaved very much orthodox at home. she never spoke about her career . she seldom took me outside with her to long tours but that would be a strictly family one . she never took me to limelight parties of her industry. she always liked me to grow up as a doctor and get settled in a foreign country with a honorable position. she never let me mixed with her sort of career's or never let her down at home or I never had a chance of getting closer more than what she allowed... But I know she loved me very much Because I am the only one left for her... 

Given all these conditions as I grew up my sexual intentions on her too grew along with me... My crush on her started from an early age of twelve. As my little limbs and hormones began to change my attitude on her also changed as an usual teenager i began staring at her when ever her dress slipped. when ever her pallu slipped a bit or if i could see her side ways.. .her jiggling butts whenever she walked...I would mute the sound virtually that comes from her cute lips and ogle at her sweet sexy lips and its movements. whenever I am alone at home I would watch only movies. but as I grew I started fantasizing her. when it touched its limit I started reading inc.. and fantasy stories on the web and books.... I started dreaming about her...

I knew for sure this kind of stories would never happen this way especially between my ... and me. because she is a lady like that. Even if she was a public figure she never is a slutty natured one. She never go for money or opportunities. May be she would have affairs but those would also be genuine ones.. And the affection she had on me is so motherly. She never crossed any limits with me nor did she allow me to cross any of the limits.. 

So when I got a sexual feeling on her I started improving my physique. I started to grow up in the way she wanted me to ... I went to gym regularly and improved my body .it actually helped and kept me fit always. I developed urbane qualities and always stood first on my studies and sports. Even from my early teen I saved what ever she gave me for my expenditure .she would be very happy that her son , not like normal children, without asking for more pocket money giving such precious gifts for her. seeing my qualities and cultured manners she had a great opinion and her love towards me doubled and increased constantly..

I was standing on the portico ringing the door bell. It's been 15 minutes I was standing there waiting for my Mom to open the door.

Finally the door opened and I saw my Mom in a nightie frowning at me.

"Sorry Sid. I was busy in the bathroom. I hope I didn't make you wait for long. This bell is not audible there you know."

"No problem Mom. But why are you frowning. I mean you look stressed."

She looked shocked and then trying to act calmer she said, "Haah, well actually I am a bit tired. You go and change, I will serve the lunch for you."

I looked at my watch. It was 12pm. Not time for any of us to eat. 

"Mom! its only noon now."

"Oh I am sorry, I was unaware of that. You go and change, we will eat at our usual time then." She said and went into the kitchen.

I was feeling uneasy. She was behaving abnormally that day.

I cleared up my thoughts and went into my room. I changed into shorts and went into the bathroom. It looked so dirty.

I came into the living room. "Mom my bathroom is stinking. Ask the maid to clean it today".

"Okay I will when she comes in the afternoon. You go and use mine instead." She said and I heard her putting vegetables on pan.

I went upstairs and switched on the light in her room. It was very nicely set with bed, paintings and some pictures of me and her .

I opened her bathroom and stepped inside. It was smelling but differently. Something was out of place. But I couldn't be sure. Then I started peeing. I looked around and I saw her panty hanging near the tap. With an instinct, I moved closer. It was, if not completely new, but was worn not for many times I guessed. 

I held that in my hands. It felt soft. The panty was an off white colored one. I took a closer look. The area that should cover the crotch was stained with some sticky fluid. I touched them and I began to feel an erection in my pants. I smelled that. It was wonderful. Then without bothering I touched it with the tip of my tongue. It tasted salty. I felt nice. Then, without my knowledge, I was hungrily licking it. Now the sticky substance was gone. What remained there was my saliva on the whole area. My penis was aching. It was hurting me. Then I placed it back, where it was and came out of the bathroom.

At that instant, something caught my mind. What was that panty hanging there for? It seemed like my mother was wearing it this morning. She definitely could not wear it the previous day as she had bathed since early in the morning. Still to be sure, I went to adjoining balcony and saw there my Mom's washed panty hanging there to dry along with a nightie and a bra that she wore the previous day. I was sure that she wore it today. But now, why was she roaming around the house pantyless leaving it hanging there?
I was afraid to think of the truth. 

Do women masturbate too? 

Was my Mom masturbating when I came home?

Was that the reason she was late to answer the door and was that why, she was perspiring and feeling tired? 

The questions were making me afraid, I don't know why but I was getting more and more excited. 

I came back to the living room. I switched on the TV. But I was tensed. My Mom was very lonely I knew. So, it makes a point that she too had needs and nothing to do other than masturbating herself. My eyes were on the TV but my mind was roaming elsewhere. I looked towards the window. A beautiful sun shine entered the room through it. I got an idea to be more sure. I called out my Mom. 

"Yes beta?" 

"Mom, this window is left open. I can feel warm breeze flowing through them. Please shut it and turn on the A/C please. I am tired."

She came out of the kitchen and smiled at me. I was now going through her body with a different eye for the first time in my life. She was really a stunning woman. I cannot blame Mishra uncle for trying to propose Mom. She was only 38 as she was married early. While she was walking towards the window, I saw her bums moving and sliding with each other.

"You know, you should do these things yourself. You should not disturb your Mom when she is busy in something else." She said smiling while she was there at the window. She seemed to have come to normal now.

Just as I had imagined, when she came completely to the widow, the blazing sun rays came through her nightie. Her whole interior was exposed to me like an X-Ray image. 

She was just 3 feet away from me. She relaxed her one leg and that made a clear way between her legs. It was almost transparent for the moment. I could see the pubic hairs between her thighs. Her legs were slender and for the moment it looked like she was standing there completely naked. My dick was so hard that I could have used it for a cricket bat instead. 

My fate was blocked as she closed the window and turned on the A/C. Then long after she was gone into the kitchen, I could no longer control. I ran into the kitchen and hugged my mother from back.

She laughed. "So, you long for your Mama's hugs nowadays." She said casually and went on with her cooking. 

"I love you" I said. "I Love you too son. What happened, has your exam results back? I think you are buttering me for something." Of course I was.

But she took it in the other way. Mother-Son love. I was dying inside."No Mom, I was just not feeling good." Saying that I kissed her on her cheek and went back to my room.

Forgetting all about the smell, I masturbated like a maniac. When I came, I was moaning with pleasure.

Sid! Get up and get out of bed, now!" Aishwarya mom yelled.

"Mom, not so loud. I'm still tired. Just a few more minutes." he muttered sleepily as he rolled over away from her.

"Damn it, Sid, you're going to be late for your bus. Wake up!" she grabbed his shoulder and tried to shake him awake, but she felt his muscles tense up under her hands.

No matter how hard she tried, Aishwarya mom couldn't stop her mind from drifting to the recurring she'd recently begun having. She couldn't help herself as her hand touched her son's warm skin. Skin that covered the steely muscles she had been admiring ever since she realized her son had become a man. Knowing in her mind it was wrong to have the feelings she had, her body betrayed her and she felt a tingling sensation between her legs as she caressed his strong shoulder with her fingertips. Aishwarya mom closed her eyes and an image appeared in her mind of her hands touching his shoulders while he held her down with his muscular body and...

"Okay mom, I'm up. I'm up." he sat up in bed, blinking his eyes. He didn't seem to notice how his mother's touch had gone from a firm shove to a gentle caress as he sat up in bed.

Somehow, Aishwarya mom snapped out of her daydream and was able to summon her most stern 'mom' voice. "Hurry up and take your shower, I've got to finish getting ready so I'm not late for work." she walked out of his room and he got out of bed.

Sid was NOT a morning person. He liked to sleep until noon when he could, but he had to get up at 6 am for his senior year at college. He watched as his mom walked out of his room, admiring her firm ass as it jiggled beneath her tight skirt. Like most young men, Sid loved his mom, but he had recently begun thinking of her in ways that embarrassed and excited him. Knowing it was wrong to have the lurid, sexually explicit thoughts he had about his own mother, he couldn't help himself.

He couldn't help it, he told himself, because his mother was so beautiful and sexy. At just over 5 feet 7 inches tall, she had the body of a much younger woman. Even at 38 years old, she kept her slender figure, and her small waist contrasted with her womanly hips and ample busom. Her long brown hair showed none of the gray his friends' moms had, and her skin was clear and smooth with only the slightest hint of crows feet around her eyes when she smiled. 

He rolled out of bed and wearing only his boxer briefs, went down the hall to his bathroom. The form-fitting underwear held his morning erection against his body until he closed the bathroom door. Following his usual routine, he freed his aching cock and stepped into the shower stall. Under the invigorating spray of warm water, he closed his eyes and began stroking his firm cock. In his mind, it was his mother's hand that grasped his shaft and moved up and down, and it didn't take but a few minutes for his seed to erupt from his throbbing manhood onto the floor and down the shower drain.

The next morning, Aishwarya mom went into her son's room. "Sid, time to get up. Sid!"

"In a minute, mom." his eyes never opened. 

Tired and exasperated at having to wake her son every morning, Suddenly Aishwarya mom had an idea that she hoped would get Sid's attention and show him how frustrating their mornings had become for her. She went to the kitchen and got a pitcher from the cabinet, then she filled it with cold water and went to Sid's room. "Last warning, Sid. Get out of bed." she said sternly.

He rolled over away from her, saying nothing. 

"I warned you." she said as she poured the cold water on him starting at his head and moving down until he was soaked from head to toe.

"What the hell? Damn it, mom! That's freezing. Are you trying to kill me? Shit!" he jumped out of bed and stood in his underwear, shivering.

"Watch your language, young man. I'm tired of fighting with you every morning. I warned you. Now go take a shower." 

"My bed's all wet, mom." 

"Too bad." Aishwarya mom went to her room and got ready for work, then she went down to the kitchen to get her coffee. 

Sid was already there eating a bowl of cereal. "That really pissed me off, mom. Don't do that again."

She could see that he was mad. "I'm sorry, I just got tired of fighting with you every morning."

"And you thought pouring ice cold water on me would help?" he threw his spoon down and stood up. "u r mad mom. I'm leaving." he grabbed his backpack and walked out the door. He was too angry.

She drank her coffee as tears started to roll down her cheeks. "I didn't mean..." she sobbed to herself for a while, then she pulled herself together and went to work.

During her lunch break, she did some internet searches on how to wake up crabby children, even though her son Sid was becoming more of a man every day. She read about a technique where the parent gets in bed with the child and hugs them while talking quietly to them, waking them up slowly and gently. She began to think about how it would be to get in bed with her son at his age. She was sure he'd get an erection. 

At home later, Sid was still mad, he made a sandwich for dinner so he didn't have to eat with his mom. He stayed in his room all night, trying to dry his bed with a hair dryer.

She knocked on his door.

"Go away!" he yelled.

"I want to apologize, Sid. Can I come in, please?"

He opened the door. "What?"

"I'm sorry about this morning. I feel terrible. I promise I'll never do anything like that again. Can you forgive me?"

"Okay, mom. I forgive you. I've got to make my bed now, I finally got it dried out." 

"Good night, sweetie." she hugged him, again noticing how big he was. He was a few inches taller than her and still growing.

"Good night, mom." he could feel her soft breasts pressing against his chest and he had to pull away from her to hide his arousal.

He closed his door and made his bed. Before he fell asleep, he masturbated while thinking about her breasts, and the way her fragrance lingered in the air long after she had gone

The next morning, Aishwarya mom went into Sid's bedroom. She was quiet, not wanting to disturb him.

"Good morning, baby." she whispered in his ear. She pulled his sheet down and saw that he was on his back, and he was only wearing a pair of boxer brief underwear. She got on his bed and straddled him, lowering herself until her underwear touched his. She could feel his arousal as she pressed her body against his. Moving her hips back and forth, she leaned down and kissed him on the cheeks. "Are you awake, Sid?"

"Mmmm." Sid thought he was still dreaming as he opened his eyes. "That's you, mom?"

"It's me, baby. Just stay there for a minute, there's no hurry to get up." 

"Mom, what are you doing?" he mumbled, slowly realizing that he had a hard on, and her body was rubbing against it.

She kissed him on the cheeks again. "Shhhhh. Don't talk, baby. I'm just helping you wake up. Does it feel good?" she was caressing his hair with her hand.

"I feel so bad about what happened yesterday, I want to make you feel good this morning." 

"That feels so good, mom. Mmmmmm. "

"Shhhh, go ahead, baby. It's Okay." she moved faster until she felt his body tense up under her.

"Oh, mom. Ohhhhh." he whispered as he came in his drawers. His hips thrust up against her and he hugged her tight.

"Does that feel good? Are you awake now?" she asked as she sat up, still grinding against the wet mess in both their pants.

He looked at her and for the first time saw what she was wearing. She had on a pink saree 

"Uh, yeah. I'm awake now, mom. Are you feeling Okay?"

"mom r u missing dad" 

"I don't want to discuss it too much, I decided to wake you up differently today. All that matters is that you're awake and we're not fighting. Okay, baby?"

. "Oh God. Mmmmm." she moaned as she threw her head back before collapsing on his chest.

"Time to get up and get ready for college, young man." she got off him and stood up, pulling on his arm.

They broke their embrace and went to their bathrooms to get ready. At breakfast, Sid asked. "What's gotten into you, mom?"

"Nothing's gotten into me. I just wanted to try waking you up a different way this morning. I really don't want to talk about our special wake up time together. As long as you liked it, that's all I need to know."

"I liked it a lot, mom. A lot."

"Good, now you'd better go before you miss your bus."

"Okay, mom."

The next morning, Aishwarya mom crept quietly into Sid's room. She pulled back his sheet and saw he was nude.

"Oh, my." she thought to herself. "It's so big, even soft." she got up and straddled him, rubbing her wet panties directly on his soft manhood. "Morning, baby." she whispered in his ear.

"Morning, mom." he said quietly, hardly believing his mother hadn't been deterred by his nudity, and was on top of him again. 

"How do you feel this morning, baby?" she sat up and rubbed her hands on his chest, feeling the soft patch of hair between his firm pectoral muscles. 

"I feel great, mom." he noticed she had on a yellow saree this morning. 

"Thanks, I got a few new things for our special wake up time". 

"Shhh. I know baby, just relax." she could feel his hips moving against hers.

"Oh yeah, mom. I'm awake."

"Good. Let's get ready, we don't want to be late." she got up and left him . 
When he got to the kitchen after his shower, she was facing the counter stirring her coffee. He got up behind her and put his ams around her. Pressing his firm erection against her shapely ass.

"Sid! Stop that right now! You can't touch me there, I'm your mother for god's sake." she yelled as she pulled away from him.

"But mom, I just thought that... You know... When you were in my room earlier..." he looked confused.

"You can't touch your mother like that. Nothing has changed between us except our special wake up time, and we're not going to discuss that. Understand?"

"I guess so. I'd better get going. Later, mom."

"Have a good day, Sid."
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Our Muslims Brother & Sisters

Our Muslims Brother & Sisters are not happy. I actually feel very sad for this as a human being.

They're not happy in Gaza
They're not happy in Egypt
They're not happy in Libya
They're not happy in Morocco
They're not happy in Iran
They're not happy in Iraq
They're not happy in Yemen
They're not happy in Afghanistan
They're not happy in Pakistan
They're not happy in Syria
They're not happy in Lebanon
Lets Find The reason Why..
So, where are they happy?
They're happy in Australia
They're happy in England
They're happy in France
They're happy in Italy
They're happy in Germany
They're happy in Sweden
They're happy in the USA & Canada
They're happy in INDIA

They're happy in almost every country that is not
Islamic! And who do they blame?
Not Islam..
Not their leadership..
Not themselves..


And they want to change the countries they're happy in, to be like the countries they came from where they were unhappy.
Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem
Hindus living with Christians = No Problem
Christians living with Shintos = No Problem
Shintos living with Confucians = No Problem
Confusians living with Bahai's = No Problem
Bahai's living with Jews = No Problem
Jews living with Atheists = No Problem
Atheists living with Buddhists = No Problem
Buddhists living with Sikhs = No Problem
Sikhs living with Hindus = No Problem
Hindus living with Bahai's = No Problem
Bahai's living with Christians = No Problem
Christians living with Jews = No Problem
Jews living with Buddhists = No Problem
Buddhists living with Shintos = No Problem
Shintos living with Atheists = No Problem
Atheists living with Confucians = No Problem
Confusians living with Hindus = No Problem


Muslims living with Hindus = Problem
Muslims living with Buddhists = Problem
Muslims living with Christians = Problem
Muslims living with Jews = Problem
Muslims living with Sikhs = Problem
Muslims living with Bahai's = Problem
Muslims living with Shintos = Problem
Muslims living with Atheists = Problem


Mind You ! :

Worth thinking upon...A  very dear muslim friend of mine has sent me this!!!!!!!��������������

Japan is a country keeping Islam at bay

Have you ever read in the newspaper that a political leader or a prime minister from an Islamic nation has visited
Japan ?

Have you ever come across news that the Ayatollah of Iran or the King of Saudi Arabia or even a Saudi Prince has visited Japan?

Japan is a country keeping Islam at bay. Japan has put strict restrictions on Islam and all Muslims.

The reasons are :

1) Japan is the only nation that does not give citizenship to Muslims.
2) In Japan permanent residency is not given to Muslims.
3) There is a strong ban on the propagation of Islam in Japan.
4) In the University of Japan, Arabic or any Islamic language is not taught.
5) One cannot import a 'Koran' published in the Arabic language.
6) According to data published by the Japanese government, it has given temporary residency to only 2 lakhs Muslims, who must follow the Japanese Law of the Land. These Muslims should speak Japanese and carry their religious rituals in their homes.
7) Japan is the only country in the world that has a negligible number of embassies in Islamic countries.
8) Japanese people are not attracted to Islam at all.
9) Muslims residing in Japan are the employees of foreign companies.
10) Even today, visas are not granted to Muslim doctors, engineers or managers sent by foreign companies.
11) In the majority of companies it is stated in their regulations that no Muslims should apply for a job.
12) The Japanese govt. is of the opinion that Muslims are fundamentalist and even in the era of globalization they are not willing to change their Muslim laws.
13) Muslims cannot even think about renting a house in Japan.
14) If anyone comes to know that his neighbour is a Muslim then the whole neighbourhood stays alert.
15) No one can start an Islamic cell or Arabic 'Madrasa' in Japan.
16) There is no Sharia law in Japan .
17) If a Japanese woman marries a Muslim then she is considered an outcast forever.
18) According to Mr. Kumiko Yagi, Professor of Arab/Islamic Studies at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, "There is a mind frame in Japan that Islam is a very narrow minded religion and one should stay away from it"

Remember : The japanese are considered one of the most intelligent and advances people in the world...!!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

The boy with three mums hits back


Orlando Burcham,11, with his mum Cordelia Troy, wrote to Tony Abbott about his mum, who is gay, asking why the PM is against gay marriage. Orlando Burcham,11, with his mum Cordelia Troy, wrote to Tony Abbott about his mum, who is gay, asking why the PM is against gay marriage.

Orlando Burcham is 11 years old, has three mums, wants to be prime minister one day, and is something of a global phenomenon after giving Tony Abbott a piece of his mind on the subject of gay marriage.
The Prime Minister, according to the Cessnock primary school student, is wrong. Orlando wants to meet him to tell him so – boy to man.
''He just doesn't understand. If he's Prime Minister, he should understand,'' he said.
Orlando Burcham's open letter to Tony Abbott asking the PM to reconsider his stance on gay marriage. Orlando Burcham's open letter to Tony Abbott asking the PM to reconsider his stance on gay marriage. Photo: Dean Osland

Orlando's letter to Mr Abbott and the reply he received last week went viral after his mother, Cessnock councillor and Liberal branch vice-president Cordelia Troy, put them on her Facebook page.
His harsh assessment of Mr Abbott's opposition to gay marriage – ''You were elected to represent our country, not yourself'' – was lead the news item on Australian and international websites, including the prestigious US online site The Huffington Post.
Orlando's challenge to Mr Abbott – ''Doesn't our opinions matter to you? Just because you're the Prime Minister, which by the way does not give you all the power'' – became a rallying cry for Australian supporters of gay marriage.
The Prime Minister's reply to Orlando Burcham. The Prime Minister's reply to Orlando Burcham. Photo: Dean Osland

Any suggestion that Orlando's mother, who flew to New York last year to marry wife Marissa, was behind the letter was scotched yesterday when Orlando calmly handled media interviews, and repeated that Mr Abbott needed to update his belief that marriage was restricted to a man and a woman.
''He just didn't think it through. That's what he needs to do as Prime Minister – think things through,'' Orlando said.
As for Mr Abbott's famous admission in 2010 that he felt ''a bit threatened'' by homosexuality, Orlando was dismissive.
Orlando Burcham Orlando Burcham Photo: Dean Osland

''I think that's idiotic. How could you be threatened about it? 
''There's no reason,'' he said.
He wrote the letter six weeks ago while his twin sister, Ocean, wrote a letter to a bus company praising a bus driver.
Gay marriage was an important issue for him, because he was sad and angry his mother had to leave the country to wed, he said.
He wrote it ''because I'm supporting her and encouraging her to make changes''.
Ocean did not get a response from the bus company. 
However, Orlando received a signed letter from the Prime Minister, thanking him for his views, and noting that: ''Ongoing dialogue between government and citizens keeps our democracy strong.''
Orlando was happy for that ongoing dialogue to continue yesterday.
''He's an all-right Prime Minister, but I'm not entirely happy with his decisions,'' he said.
''His sister is gay. What kind of a brother is he?''
Cr Troy said she was extremely proud of her ''beautiful son'' for raising ''an issue that needs to be looked at''.
Orlando said he was happy to have three ''mums'' – Ms Troy, her wife Marissa, and his father's wife.
''It's awesome,'' he said, and gave a reason only an 11-year-old boy could get away with: ''They're very good cooks.'' 

Eleven-year-old Orlando, from Newcastle, NSW, recently wrote this impassioned letter to the prime minister of Australia.

Eleven-year-old Orlando, from Newcastle, NSW, recently wrote this impassioned letter to the prime minister of Australia.


It reads:

Dear Tony Abbott

My name is Orlando Burcham, I am 11 years old and I would like to know why you don't allow "gay marriage" in Australia. Because the majority of Australians are happily married, so why are you stopping all the gay men/women to be married in this beautiful country?

My mother is gay and even worse your own sister is gay! And thousands more are as well. You have actually met my mum (Councillor Cordelia Troy) who is a member of the Liberal Party and she was deputy major at the time. It is so pathetic that you aren't letting the gay people of Australia and other countries get married here. Millions of people in the world and when they come to Australia and think "wow this place is great! Let's get married here!" And then they remember that they can't. So they spend thousands of dollars to go somewhere they can get married. My mum is married but she had to go to New York, which took a lot of money.
You were elected to represent our country, not yourself. Just because you think it's wrong, does not give you the right to make it illegal. Doesn't our opinions matter to you? Just because you're the Prime Minister, which by the way does not give you all the power.
I hope you change your mind.

2. A few days later, he received this response from Tony Abbott.

A few days later, he received this response from Tony Abbott.


Dear Orlando

Thank you for letting me know your views about same sex marriage.
I appreciate the deep feelings that many in the community have on either side of the issue.
The Government supports the current definition of marriage contained in the Marriage Act 1961. Any change to this policy would be a matter for the Coalition Party Room.
My personal opinion is to support the existing definition of marriage.
Though we disagree on this issue, I respect the views you have put forward.
Ongoing dialogue between government and citizens keeps our democracy strong.
Thank you again for writing to me.

Yours sincerely

Tony Abbott
When Orlando's letter and the PM's response were posted to the Australian Marriage Equality Facebook page , Orlando's mum commented on how proud she was.
Ellie Filler, left, and Emily Jehne tied the knot in December last year.

Emily Jehne and Ellie Filler have a certificate at their home that says "wife and wife".
"It's not valid for anything at the moment," Ms Jehne said.
But it's a lovely reminder of the five days in December last year that the Canberra couple were married before same-sex marriage laws in the ACT were overturned by the High Court.
The couple has not given up hope of reclaiming their married status, and thought they had found the answer when same-sex marriage became legal in Britain earlier this year.
Ms Filler is British, which means she and Ms Jehne can marry in British consulates and high commissions in Australia.
But instead of celebrating with a ceremony at the British High Commission in Canberra at the weekend, they have been thrust into a legal and bureaucratic nightmare because of a prior civil partnership the pair entered in 2009.
The British government recognises civil unions entered into in Australian states and territories.
Couples cannot legally be in both a British marriage and a British civil partnership or an Australian equivalent.
For Ms Jehne and Ms Filler to marry under British laws, they have been told they must first dissolve their ACT civil partnership – and with it any legal benefits they have in Australia from having that registered relationship.
"We're in limbo," Ms Jehne said.
"We're very keen to be married but we can't do it without revoking some of our legal protection in Australia."
The Australian government does not recognise same-sex marriages performed overseas.
A parliamentary inquiry is examining the problem, but will not report back until September.
NSW, Victoria, Queensland, the ACT and Tasmania all have schemes for same-sex civil partnerships.
Two states - Queensland and Tasmania - also allow overseas same-sex marriages to be recognised as civil unions in those states and a similar bill will be put to the NSW parliament.
But the lack of federal reform to legislate for same-sex marriage in Australia, or a national law recognising same-sex marriages entered into in other countries, has left couples in a position where they must choose between the symbolic recognition of a British marriage certificate and legal certainty at home.
Solicitor Heidi Yates, co-convenor of the National Association of Community Legal Centres LGBTIQ network, said that while de facto laws granted protections to same-sex couples, civil partnerships had additional legal benefits because they offered conclusive proof of a relationship the moment a couple "signs on the dotted line".
She said that meant guaranteed recognition of the relationship in situations such as a medical emergency or pregnancy.
Rodney Croome, national director of Australian Marriage Equality, said that until Australia legislated for marriage equality, Australian same-sex couples would continue to find themselves navigating the "absurdity" of conflicting and overlapping laws.
He said the system was so complex, Australian couples were regularly told to "Google your rights" when moving between states and territories, and even local council areas.
For Queensland couple Kath Gelber and Lou Stanley it was too great a risk to give up their Queensland civil partnership to marry in a British consulate.
But together 21 years and raising an eight-year-old son who has begun asking why they cannot marry, they want a wedding.
"There is only one solution - we need to have same-sex marriage in Australia," Ms Gelber said.
"Just get rid of all these two-tiered relationship rules to have one set of marriage laws for anyone who wants to commit to each other."