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Insanity Nightclub Bangkok

Insanity Nightclub Bangkok
Popular Club On Sukhumvit
Insanity Nightclub Bangkok is an international class clubbing venue that rocks to bass-heavy big room EDM, bass-heavy house, open format and hip hop seven nights a week. This is one of the largest clubs in the city, housed in a single hangar-like room filled with impressive lasers and lighting system, along with seductive podium dancers and a central stage for those who want to let loose on the dance floor. This big room clubbing experience is unlike anything else in Sukhumvit, and there are sure to be EDM and House party anthems to enjoy, with a bonus of having  regular appearances from international DJs & local super star artists – you can expect  that at least once a week there are big name  Dj/Producers/artists from around the globe playing  EDM,  House, Hip Hop and top DJs, MCs and artists from that are locally known. 

Entry is 300 baht with one free-drink ticket, although you can combine these to make a bottle of liquor if you are a part of a larger group; just ask at reception. There is also the option of eating at V8 Diner in front of the club which then allows free entry through a side door which connects the two.


It's fair to say this is the true late night party spot in Bangkok as Insanity Nightclub is often the last place to close in Sukhumvit so the atmosphere builds throughout the night, making it a beacon for all of Bangkok's party set from 23:00 onwards (although get there earlier to grab the best standing tables). Renowned as a place to meet friendly local ladies, Insanity has done well to really elevate this clubbing experience while retaining the varied crowd of foreigners and Thais.

Located on Sukhumvit Soi 12, Insanity is just a few steps from Asok BTS exit 3 and also walkable from Nana BTS Station. The fact that this club is half way between Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza (two popular red-light areas) explains why the female clientele is a noticeable mix of those who come to work as well as play, and guys will get attention in here...unwanted or not. In fact, most of the guys heading to Insanity do so specifically because of the number of Thai girls who are dressed to kill and ready to party.


They have a mega sound system here and their roster of Thai and international DJs play from an elevated DJ station reminiscent of European clubs. On the far side of the club is a row of VIP Booths which allow you the perfect compromise of exclusive clubbing experience with a bird's eye view of the club, and direct access into the depths of the action - perfect for large groups with a mix of couples and singles. If you want to reserve these tables there are several packages available.

Insanity is a wild party spot in Bangkok: the soundsystem is awesome, the drinks promotions are great value, especially the 50% off all bottles before 01:00, and it's a place where boys can meet girls... and for that reason, it's packed!

TIP: Other than free entry if you eat at V8 Diner, the club will pay for your taxi if you pay the entry fee.

Insanity Nightclub   

iEntry: 300 baht with one free drink/ladies 2 free drink Sunday–Thursday
Special events: 500 baht with two free drinks

Opening Hours: 21:00 til late (3:00-6:00, depends on the night)
Location: Sukhumvit Soi 12 Bangkok
MRT: Sukhumvit
BTS: Asok/Nana
Remarks: Daily promotions: 50% off bottles before 1:00 am Sunday-Thursday
Tel: +66 (0) 2653 2923

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I Am Sexually Involved With a Forbidden Person
My Dad And I ****** Nearly All My Life, Until He Died Recently It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when it started - well, easy for the first time he ****** me - the sexual attentions, the touching etc., but I guess my earliest recollections are when I was about four, and my Dad used to have me sitting on his knee watching TV, and he would have his hand under my bottom, and I could feel his fingers stroking my crotch. Don't get me wrong, I liked it. OK I didn't know that it was wrong, I just enjoyed his gentle, and I guess sensual, touches. Also he would read me bedtime stories or sometimes just make them up, and while he told them, he would stroke me - my hair, my arms, my legs and between them too. I loved him, and I loved being caressed and fondled - who wouldn't. I don't remember anything more than that for quite sometime, maybe until I was sort of six years old. About then, he continued both the lap TV-watching and the bedtime stories, but I became conscious of something hard, pressing against my bottom, when he removed his hand while watching kid's TV programmes. And about then, with me in bed, having my bedtime story, he started to take my hand and have me stroke him - first his face, including his rough beard, then his hairy arms, and then this bulge in his trousers/shorts/pjs. It quite fascinated me, as when I stroked it, especially if all he was wearing were pjs or boxers, this bulge would twitch and jerk. But even then it was quite some time before he had me stroke it "bareback". Again around this time he started to put his hand down inside my pjs and caress my 'front bottom', and I really liked that. Always after he had felt my cunny and I had stroked his bulge, he would give me a kiss - on the cheek or forehead or sometimes on the lips. (My how my daddy loved me!)
While watching TV - bearing in mind my ma would be there as well - he was less forward, but had started to move my knickers aside and just stroke my girly ****. I would squirm and wriggle with enjoyment, and I thought my ma was unaware of his attentions, but later realised how wrong that idea was!
Then one evening, bedtime storytime came round, and it was a very hot evening, and I was just in a thin nightdress and no knickers, and I was sitting on the bed with my legs crossed, knees drawn up, so I guess he could see straight up my nightie, and my dad came in wearing only thin shorts, and immediately he sat down on the bed, without any attempt at story telling, he slid his hand up my nightie and began stroking me between my legs, at the same time taken my hand and placing it on the huge bulge at the front of his shorts. It was sort of throbbing, and I really gave it some stroking, whether in attempt to stop it's throbbing or what, I don't know, but this prompted him to take my hand and slide it down the front of his shorts and on to his throbbing ****. Again I was fascinated and was concentrating hard on fondling and caressing this big thing, while one of his fingers began probing my ***** and after caressing the lips, slipped inside me. I got excited, I suppose, and starting to pee, and was quite surprised when he was not cross with me for wetting my bed. Shssh he said, I won't tell mommy, if you don't, and put his ****-soaked fingers up to his mouth in the time-honoured way of expressing secrecy - though I must confess I have never seen others lick and suck their fingers after shushing, as he did! This now became the norm for my evening time with my lovely dad, and afore long he would be sitting there with his **** out of his shorts/trousers/pjs, so I could see exactly what I was doing stroking it, and he would finger me till I peed. Sometimes he would have me sit in front of him, so that when I peed, I pissed all over his thick fat ****, and then he would rub it up and down between my legs, nuzzling my cuntlips.
Time passed, in continuing fashion, until when I was about 8, and being advanced for my age, my little buds of breasts started to form, our night-time ritual changed, only a little, as I sat in front of him, naked with my small swollen boobies, caressing his ****, while he fingered me, and then, as I started to pee, instead of rubbing his ****-head just against my lips, he rubbed it but then pushed it slightly between my nether lips, and i got that first lovely sensation of **** between my sensitive labia. I suppose it was instinct that made me push towards him, and moistened by my stream of pee, it slid a little further in. It began to hurt down there, but I didn't moan or complain, because daddy kissed me tenderly on the mouth, and I knew he was pleased with me. I ignored the intense pain as he pushed further into me, his mouth now open, and his tongued probing into my mouth. My bottom hurt, but I loved the way his tongue was licking all around the inside of my mouth, and he was pulling back to ease the bottom pain, before moving back in again. I had stopped peeing by now, and we were both sitting in a puddle of my ****, with him easing his **** slowly in and out of my ****, and, surprisingly the pain had eased, and was now giving me sensations, which I hadn't experienced before, even to my poophole sort of opening and closing, and inner glowings inside my front bottom that were exquisitely novel to me. I guess that's why I wriggled and squirmed, transfixed as I was on his penis, which must have sent him over the top, and I felt this rush of hotness shoot up inside me. I wondered what it was, but soon found out later. After he had spent his load inside me, he slowly withdrew, which I noticed was painful again, and then when i saw his **** all covered in blood, I was scared that I had hurt him or cut him, and started to say sorry. He gently explained that he was OK, and that what had happened was natural, and had happened to me, and that I was no longer a child, but starting to become a grown-up. I asked whether mom would be cross about the bloody mess, but he said not to worry, he would sort it with her. (Later I was to find out that she already knew what was going on with dad and me, and that he didn't need to explain)
So.... that was the start of ******* with my dad, and we continued to **** continuously for the next 25 years until he died 5 years ago, when I was just turned 32. My mom had known from the start, and she had got off his telling her all the details, once I had gone to sleep, and would **********, while he recounted every one of our joint actions, after which dad would arsefuck her (as she later told me, because she didn't want any more kids), and after the first time that I lost my virginity, my dad's attentions were no longer secret and furtive, and some evenings we would watch TV, with my mom sitting knitting in an armchair, and me astride my dad's **** being deliciously ******. In fact, when it was my 10th birthday, part of my treat was to share my parents enormous emperor-size bed, and my dad ****** me, while my ma ***********. By then, of course, I was having *******, and no longer peed myself with excitement, but as time passed - into my teens and thereafter - we introduced wetting and peeing and other pee games into our nightly sex-sessions. Especially I enjoyed being ****** by my dad, and my ma would stand over us and **** all over, then we would all lick each other clean. My mom also taught me how to be a lesbian and make out with her, and, boy, how I loved to lick and suck her hairy ****, even more so, because she was quite slack about her toilet, and her pubic hairs were often smelling of stale ****, and her arse gave off aromas, consistent with not being too stringent in wiping after a ****. The fact that I was attracted by her stinky state, and I guess my dad wasn't a lot better (evidence his boxers with ****-dribble stains and skid-marks), goes someway to explaining why I have always enjoyed messing, including the first time that we all 3 had a massive bed-messing, smearing, no-holds-barred night of sexual depravity - it was great, and I didn't need any coaxing to get into it, but took to it like a duck to water or a **** to ****! lol
So to those who "pooh-pooh" family sex, I say this - IF you enjoy it and it harms no one else, then why not enjoy it. I did and if I hadn't lost my dad to cancer 5 years ago, and my mother to a heart attack 10 years since, we would still be at it, even now.
This might explain to anyone who knows me on EP, just why I am a totally amoral, filthy ****, who likes dirty sex with both men and women, and gets off on being disgusting and degrading, and might explain why I haven't sat on or used a loo for over 20 years.

I raped my dad!

"Yo' Dad, what's up?" I asked my Dad. Me and my Dad
were both in the kitchen. My Dad was looking extra sexy
that day. I kept looking at his long blonde hair,
orange beard, and his baggy eyes. About a year ago I
put a curse on my Dad's hair to make it look spiky and
have giant sideburns, but it recently wore off. I think
my Dad looks pretty muskee, although most people tell
me he's fat, but what do they know?
I'd like to think that he was admiring my sexy face
with it's bald head that had three hairs at the top. I
wasn't wearing a shirt that day, but I never wear
shirts anyway. I was just wearing some black sweat
pants that I've had on non-stop for the past five
My Dad looked at me and didn't answer. That made me
mad, so I pulled out a dildo and stabbed him in the
MATTER WITH YOU!!?" he screamed as he fell to the
floor. Blood poured out of his sexy chest and mouth.
I started dancing as my Dad was potentially bleeding to
death. "Markus... what the fuck is wrong with you?" he
asked weakly with tears in his eyes. I looked at him
for a few minutes, and went back to dancing.
"I gotta get to a hospital Markus..." he groaned.
"How come?" I asked.
"There's no need to be bitchy Dad." I told him. My Dad
slowly and weakly got off the ground. I didn't offer
him help. He slowly walked for the door towards his
truck. "I'm gonna drive Dad." I told him. "THE FUCK YOU
ARE!" he screamed.
My Dad fell back to the floor. As he lay on the floor,
I started stomping his head. My bitchy sister Melissa,
who I once gave a hickey to when she was sleeping in
the middle of the night, shoved me out of the way and
helped my Dad off the floor.
She's a bitch. She's only living with us now because
her boyfriend Jessie kicked her out of their house. He
claimed that she got too fat after she had their baby.
Someone named Ashley was living with them at the time,
and Jessie got her pregnant shortly before he kicked my
sister out. Ashley is the only person besides my Dad
that I think is sexy, so when he got her pregnant I was
"What did Markus do this time?" she asked him. "He
stabbed me with a dildo... A dildo... I mean what the
fuck..." my dad said weakly. "Well I'll drive you to
the hospital." she told him. "Can I come too?" I asked
"Whatever..." Dad said. I started dancing again after I
heard that I could come.
We all got into the van and my sister started driving
to the hospital. My Dad sat in the passenger's seat,
moaning. I started grabbing my Dad's long sexy hair and
started tugging. "MARKUS! QUIT PULLING ON MY HAIR!" he
screamed. I kept pulling on his hair anyway, giggling
like a girl.
My Dad eventually got tired of yelling and just let me
continue to pull his hair. We finally got the hospital.
My sister helped Dad get out and get inside. They got
my Dad into a hospital bed and in a room where they
treated the wound. After they were done treating him, a
doctor came in. "What were you stabbed with?" a doctor
"A dildo..." my Dad told him. He looked embarrassed for
some reason when he told him. The doctor just burst out
laughing. "You making fun of my Dad's pain?" I asked
him getting in his face.
"Well you're the one who stabbed me!" Dad said.
"That's besides the point." I told him.
"Why did you stab your Dad with a dildo?" the doctor
asked me. I gave the doctor an angry look and raised my
first. "I'm gonna!" I growled. "You're starting to
freak me out kid, I'm leaving." the stupid doctor said.
When he left, I realized that it was just me and Dad.
"So Dad... you're in a bed...unable to get out..." I
said smiling. "Oh great!" my Dad moaned. I took off my
pants and jumped on my Dad. I then made him turn face
down and opened up his but cheeks. "MARKUS! THIS IS A
HOSPITAL!" he screamed. I stuck my dick in his sweet
tight ass.
"AAAHHH! HELP ME!" he screamed. I just kept pumping my
dick in his big hairy ass. As I kept pumping I spanked
his butt. I've fucked my Dad so many times.
After a few minutes, I got an orgasm and shot my load
deep into his butt. I then pulled my dick out. It was
covered with poop. I turned my Dad back on his back
(hee hee, get it?). "OK Dad, I want to lick the poop
off," I told him. He just rolled his eyes and started
licking it off.
After he was done, I turned him back over and started
fucking his ass again. He screamed as I pumped harder
and deeper than I did last time. His ass felt so warm
and gewy. After a few minutes, I orgasmed again and
shot an even bigger load than last time which shot even
I then pulled my dick out and made him lick the poop
off again. He rolled his eyes again and started licking
it off. I kept fucking him all day. Whenever someone
came in, I'd hiss at them and they'd quickly leave.
Sunny, a seventy year old man that I hang out with,
came inside the room. "What's up Markus?" he asked.
"FUCK OFF!" I screamed.
Sunny's a good man, but he's often confused and can't
find his house. Sunny then left the room. I went back
to pumping my Dad's ass.
A few days later, my Dad finally got out of the
hospital. "Markus, please don't stab me in the chest
with a dildo ever again," he told me.
"I'll think about it," I said.

It Happened To Me: I Watched Porn With My Dad When I Was A Kid

When my mom sent me to live with my dad at the age of 12, in addition to finding out I was living in a total shithole, that shithole was completely devoid of anything a child might enjoy doing.

Well, OK, there was a TV, which I most definitely do consider to be my most beloved childhood playmate, but I was already cable spoiled, and this TV picked up reception via a wire hanger covered in aluminum foil. So, I made do with my newfound heroes Perry Mason and Shirley Temple (movies I tried to view as a blue print on how to escape shitty childhoods).

If only one day I could be a talented orphan who would sing and dance my way into the arms of a handsome benefactor!

Because of this entertainment drought, I found myself very intrigued when I came upon an extensive video collection that was housed behind the glass doors of a cabinet. This was still in the days when owning a VHS library was considered almost high-falutin'.

The boxes were all plain white and the spines were all titles I had never heard of. "Taboo." "The Devil in Miss Jones pt. 2." "Night Dreams." "The Opening of Misty Beethoven." I was under strict orders to stay out of my father's crap. So I didn't dare pull one out to investigate further. But my interest was definitely piqued.

In fact, I became obsessed with that video collection, glancing at it furtively whenever I passed the cabinet. Finally one day when my dad left the house, I decided to take a peek. I carefully checked the doors on the cabinet to make sure he hadn't set up a low-tech security system with scotch tape and a strand of hair to indicate a break-in.

Then I opened the cabinet and pulled out a movie -- it was called "Brown Sugar." On the cover was a plus-sized black woman with an old school maid's uniform from the waist down, an enormous pair of breasts hanging over her lacy apron. She had a jovial expression on her face.

The back of the box had more stills from the movie. I was positively pearl-clutchy.

"This is X-rated!" I said to myself. Despite all the live sex I had seen and heard my mom participating in my whole life, I was shocked. My only experience with sex movies was soft-core late night cable stuff like the "Emmanuelle" oeuvre or teen sex romps like "Porky's." I quickly put every thing back in its place. But much like Windsong, these porn flicks stayed on my mind.

I bided my time for an opportunity to view "Brown Sugar." And finally the time came! My dad told me he was gonna go shoot guns into the creek bed at his friend Gary's house and he'd be gone for a few hours.

"OK," I said trying not to look too excited that I would have the house to myself.

The moment his car pulled safely out of sight, I ran to the cabinet, pulled out "Brown Sugar," put it in the VCR and pressed play. The movie started mid-way through.

"He was watching this one," I thought, which led to other thoughts, all of them repulsive. I checked the counter, so I could make sure to rewind it to the right spot.

Then I heard the sound of the loose gravel crunching under a car and I freaked the fuck out. My asshole dad was back! I quickly turned off the TV and sat down on the sofa real casual like.

My dad came back into the house. He had forgotten his baggie of weed. He looked at me suspiciously. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK! Then he asked me to go get him a glass of sweet tea. We stared at each other. He knows, I thought.

I was reluctant to leave the scene of the crime. I ran and got the ice tea and returned as fast as I could. I handed him the glass. He looked at me as he drank it, then he left the house without saying a word.

"Phew!" I thought. I took the movie out of the VCR, put it back in the cabinet, my heart pounding the whole time. My porn days were over, or so I mistakenly thought.

Cut to a week later. Me and my dad were playing a game of chess on his Franklin Mint commemorative Civil War chess set, the only thing remotely toy-like in the house. He always insisted on being the South, because he was a baby and also a confederate-loving redneck.

Now, I always lost to him, because I was a kid and he was an adult who didn't ever let a kid have a moment of glory, but this time I was winning. After one particularly clever move, I stupidly smiled at my success.  

My dad grabbed the board and threw it across the room. He stared at me like a riled up bull just waiting for his pen to open.

"How was Brown Sugar?" He yelled, his face bright red. I just sat there. I knew enough to know that it was best to just let him go off.

He kept asking me how the movie was. I just sat there rethinking the whole incident from the week before. What clues had I missed? It was like that moment in "The Usual Suspects" when Chazz Palminteri figures out who Keyzer Sose was. How could I have been so clueless? 

He told me to clean up the chess set. I did as he said, struggling to hold back rage tears. He stomped over to the cabinet, grabbed "Brown Sugar" and started playing it. I focused on cleaning and tried my best to ignore all the slurping and fucking sounds. 

After that day, porn was on regularly in the house. It almost seemed like my dad was doing the porn equivalent of making a kid smoke a ton of cigarettes as a punishment for catching them smoke, desensitizing me to the thrill of watching porn.

But my dad was a total dick. I knew he was daring me to be uncomfortable. Daring me to complain. And I would never give him that satisfaction. I just sat there reading my Sweet Valley High books or doing my homework, looking up occasionally to give him a sweet smile. Making sure he saw me watching whole scenes. He could have jerked off right in front of me and I wouldn't have said a word.

Luckily, making me squirm was the only thing he was getting off on. But my dad had met his match.

After half year or so of silently watching dirty movies with my dad, he finally engaged me on the subject of porn. He excitedly asked me if I wanted to see something. He pulled out a tale tell videotape. It was Easter Sunday and I was watching the annual airing of "The Sound of Music," but I said okay, because, you know, why stop my crazy game of chicken at this point? His new acquisition was the porn classic, "Debbie Does Dallas."

For some reason this was the first time it hit me how sick all of this was. Maybe it was how excited he got when I agreed to watch it. Maybe it was the way he flopped onto the bed I was lying in like we were best friends at a slumber party. But I think it was really the fact that I finally realized I was the only one still playing the game. To him this had become father/daughter bonding time. This realization threw me off my game.

After watching the flick's famous lesbian scene, my dad looked at me for a reaction. I thought for a long time before I came up with, "I like when two girls are together." He laughed heartily, pleased with my response.

To this day that is the thing I regret saying most in my life. Not because of the content of my words, but because of the victory it gave him and the feelings it brought up in me.

I knew at that moment that I felt the need to please him and I thought that by pleasing him, making him like me, he might think twice the next time he felt like kicking me up the stairs after I didn't do my chores to his specifications. Or maybe he wouldn't stick my hand in a pile of dog shit the next time he caught me biting my nails. You don't do that to your bud! But I knew then I was powerless. He would always win. 


My Father makes me suck his cock and fucks me for the frist time. 
When we see my fathers car pull in the driveway my brother pulls his cock out of my ass. He tells me to go jump into our fathers bed. I grab my tank top and run into the bedroom. Our fathers apartment is small,so the bedroom door is in the living room and the only bathroom is in his bedroom so if you leave the bedroom door open you can see everything even the bathroom if that door is open too. I am in bed when our dad comes in the door..He talks to my brother for a while,but I can not understand what they are saying. When he comes in the bedroom he does not close the door all the way. I it is easy to see what he is doing because the light is on in the bathroom and the door is open. He sits down on the side of the bed and takes his cowboy boots off. He stands up and takes his shirt off and I can see some of the hair on his chest from the side. He still has his jeans on when he gets up and goes to the bathroom. From the bed I can see into the bathroom,he is taking a piss and is turned just enough to the side so I can see him. Just watching him do that is a big turn on for me and I know that I am going to try to touch his cock when he goes to sleep. When he is finished he stands there and plays with his dick, shaking it pulling his long foreskin up and over the head. It looks like it was getting a little hard, the he sits on the side of the bathtub and takes his jeans off and leaves them on the floor. When he stands up I can see everything, all he has on is his white jocky shorts. His cock is still hanging out he shakes it a couple of more times,puts it in his shorts. I close my eyes and pretend I am asleep. I am on my back ,near the edge of the bed. That way I knew he would have to move me over to get into bed. I can feel him standing over me,but can't open my eyes. The next thing I feel is him rubbing his foreskin over my lips. He tells me to open my eyes,he knows that I am not asleep. When I do he is standing there with his dicking hanging out very close to my face. He tells me he saw what I was doing to my brother he said I watched you suck his cock and I watch him fucking you and you both looked liked you enjoyed it.. He reached down pulled me up so I was sitting on the side of the bed and told me he wanted me to take care of his cock the same way I did my brothers and if I did no one would get into trouble. He put his hand behind my my head and stared rubbing he dick in my face. He told me to open my mouth and get started on it. I did and I was so turned on. He pulled me off his cock and got in the bed with me put me between his legs and told me that I could suck and play with his cock as long as I wanted to. I was so glad he was like the other men in my family,they all are uncut and really like their foreskin sucked on and played with. I loved the way they wanted me to really nurse on the skin at the very tip and how they like their chead sucked on for a long time with the skin pulled up on it. He turned me on my side and held my head and started fucking mouth,I remember him saying that if my mouth hole felt that fucking good, then my little boypussy should be even better. As he was face fucking me he was saying what a good job my brother had done teaching me and if I loved his cock so much,then I was going to be fucking crazy over a grown mans cock. He pulled out of my ass,pulled me up next to him and started rubbing my chest and playing with my tits making my nips fell good and get hard. He ran his hand down to my ass and rubbed his middle fringer over my hole. He put it in my mouth and told me to suck on it and get it wet. When he put it back on my hole and started to work it in some of my brothers cum slipped out that made it alot easier to work finger number in then he said he would work in another one in to get it ready for his big cock and he was big. I knew I would be so happy when I felt his cock hair touching my ass,because my brother and my uncle both told me that was when a boypussy knew he had all of a mans cock. When his finger went in that easy, he asked me if my brother had fucked me before he got home and did he shoot off in my ass. I said yes sir. He said good it might make it easier for me to take his cock and what he said next I will never forget."This is too fucking wild, fucking my baby boys pussy with my oldest boys cum.He turned me on my side and started rubbing the head of his peter across my hole teasing me with it......more later

Im 19 now but when i was 16 i walked into my parents bedroom and seen dad sleeping naked. 
I had never seen him nude before and was shocked at how big his dick was.It looked like a big sausage and he was soft! 
I went away to college and like most girls i partied and slept with alot of guys but none of them had a dick like dads. 
This year i went home for xmas break and since mom works nights i was home alone with dad at night. Everytime i looked at him i remembered what i had seen. 
I was in the tub the second day i got home and i heard mom leave for work. I began massaging my clit thinking of dad and decided that i was gonna make a move. 
I was nervouse but my pussy was throbbing and i was horny as hell. 
I didnt dry off and found a thin white tee shirt and put it on. It was just long enough to cover my butt and my wet body made it slightly see through. 
I walked into the living room and seen dad sitting there drinking beer watching tv. I could feel my nipples hardening . I walked in front of dad and seen him look at me from head to toe twice! I said anything good coming on tonight and he said,I dont know? 
The tv guide was ontop of the tv so i picked it up and dropped it on perpose,With my back to dad i bent over to pick it up ,The tee shirt was so short it rose up as i bent over giving him a perfect look at my ass and throbbing pussy. I stood up and looked over at him and he smiled. I thumbed through the tv guide and kept sneaking looks at his crotch till I seen a buldge. I said,Theres nothing on any good. They had satellite tv in there bed room so i picked up the tv guide to the satellite and dropped it to i bent and picked it up knowing he was looking at my bare ass. 
I read the guide and said, Thers a good movie on at 10 can i watch it in your room? Dad said,sure. He looked at his watch and said,Ive got time for a shower before ten. He left and went ito the shower. 
I went and got in dads bed ,He came in the bed room in just his underwear and got in bed 
The movie was a scary one and when a scary part came on i pretended to be scared and jumped then moved over beside him and put my arm across his belly under the covers and laid my head on his chest,The next scary part i wrapped my leg over his. I could see a buldge growing under the covers. I slowly rubbed his belly moving my hand closer to his crotch all the time till my fingers where moving under the band of his underwear. 
I was soooo nervouse but i reached down and touched his dick and dad gasped, I said,Is it ok? Dad said,Yes if you dont tell anyone. 
I ripped the covers off him and pulled off my shirt and laid on my back and spread my legs wide and said,Dad fuck me ! 
He pulled off his underwear and his cock was hard and fuckin huge! 
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Im going home for spring break,I loved what we did ,Have any other girls out there done this? 

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My son brought his new bride to stay with us while they were waiting for their apartment to be ready. They had been married for eight months. I liked her the first time I saw her.
I would lay in bed with my own wife and we would get turned on hearing their passionate love making in my son's nearby room. It had not occurred to us before that probably he had been able to hear me making to love to his mother when he was growing up in that room.

One night, we all went out and had some drinks. It was decided that I would be the designated driver, so I stayed sober while the three of them all got drunk.

My son and his wife seemed to be having a contest to see who could drink the most. My wife also had too much too drink. 

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On the way home, my son passed out in the car. When we got home, the two women had to help me drag him into the house. My son was completely passed out. I dragged him upstairs and got him into bed. His wife got into bed with him. She managed to get his clothing off and started getting undressed herself.

I took my wife and led her to our room. I undressed her and laid her in the bed. She passed out, too. Then, I went back to my son's room to turn out the lights. Both he and his wife had passed out. He was naked but she was still half dressed. She was wearing her bra. She had pulled her pants and panties half way off. She had stumbled and fallen. She was laying half on the bed and half on the floor.

I pulled her up onto the bed. I unhooked her bra then pulled her pants and panties the rest of the way off. I could not help but think about how beautiful she was. I reached over and ran my hands over her body. She never stirred.

I did not intend this to happen, but I could not help it. I was as hard as a rock.

My son was completely passed out drunk, dead to the world. I was sure he would not notice anything and his wife would probably not either, so I reached over and put my hand on her pussy.

She was completely dry. I put my head between her legs and gave her a kiss. I put my tongue inside of her and made her really wet.

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My wife didn't know the difference. She was sound asleep.

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This happened years ago. I have never told anybody about this and nobody has ever said anything. My daughter-in-law has a baby boy now. Sometimes I wonder if I am the father or whether my son is. I wonder if she remembers anything.


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I Want To **** My Daughter-In-Law I'm a 55 year old man and have been divorced for the last 5 years. I've two sons and a daughter. My eldest son is married and has a kid and a very lovely wife whom i've always liked. But the thing is that I've had a thing for my daughter-in-law from the very first time i saw her when my eldest son introduced her to me. She's 28 and they have been married now for the last 6 years. Motherhood has been very good for her as she looks way hotter now with firm boobs and a tight *** to die for. We've always had a very good relationship as her father left her when she was very young,so she considers me to be her pseudo father or something like that. But me, i had other ideas. I had wanted to stick it into her for a very long time. I've always tried to steal glances at her cleavage and her *** and had wanted to see her fully nude for a very long time. Well my wish finally came true last summer. I was at my son's house visiting and was sleeping over. I'm naturally a very light sleeper and during the middle of the night i heard some water splashing in the pool down below. I could hear my daughter-in-law's voices and so i thought that i could maybe get a glimpse of her in her bikini. The guest room was directly above the pool so i walked quietly to the edge of the window opened the screens a bit and peeped outside down below. It was dark inside and there was lighting outside. So there was possibly no way she could see me peeping. As i peeped outside, imagine my surprise when i saw her fully nude, skinny dipping. I saw her fully firm boobs and she had a bush just to my liking. I got a massive hard on and started to jerk off right there. I just stood there awestruck by her hot naked body while at the same time stoking away furiously. She swam for about 15 mins and went inside. I had already cummed by then and so i slept off dreaming about her hot body. That was the last i saw her naked. 
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Now back to the dilemma. I have not made a move on her and the fact is that she was quite excited looking at me naked. I know this is wrong but should i pursue her and try to **** her or should i just ignore that incident for the sake of my son.

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I am a 49 year old woman from Birmingham (UK). I won't be using my real name for obvious reasons. This is my confession. I am a happily married mother of two (daughters are 24 and 20) and for the past 3 months I've been having an affair with my eldest daughters fiance. I am reasonably attractive for my age, I look very like my daughter but am slightly shorter at 5ft 3 I have E cup boobs a flat stomach and a huge, round, tight cellulite covered arse. My daughters boyfriend is a hunk and I'd always been attracted to him but never even entertained the notion of bedding him, until recently. To say he's hung like a donkey would be an understatement. Hung like an elephant would be a better description! His dick is literally the biggest I've ever seen, a little over 10 inches erect and around 2 inches thick. A few months ago I walked in on him getting out of the shower with a raging boner and my pussy just exploded. I knew it was wrong but right there and then I knew he had me. Wide eyed and open mouthed I tore my clothes from my body, dropped to my knees without saying a word and throat fucked him for a good 20 minutes. He blew the biggest load I've ever seen all over my face and huge tits. Literally it was like a hose pipe. You see that porn where guys with 'fake dicks' empty gallons of fake cum over unsuspecting sluts. Picture that but with a real dick and real cum. I should mention, I LOVE cum. 

I stood up and went to clean up when he grabbed me by the arm and said 'Where do you think you're going slut?!' 'I- I-' I stammered and he wrenched me towards him and we kissed passionately. Gazing down I couldn't believe he was rock hard again (he could have cut diamonds with it). I weighed up the situation in my mind and decided to tell him that this was a mistake, a one off and that we would both get changed and forget the whole thing, though my body was screaming for his monster cock. I opened my mouth but all that came out was 'Fuck me. Just fuck me.' I was surprised by the desire in my voice and he just chuckled and replied 'You better clear you schedule for the day.'

To cut a LONG story short he fucked me up and down the house, in every room (particularly the marriage bed), in every position over and over and over again. It was literally the best sex I have ever had and will ever have in my entire life. I never even knew it was possible for a woman to cum so hard and so frequently until he fucked me. 

We've been boning every waking opportunity since then and we have done everything together, and I mean EVERYTHING. Things that a few months prior I was disgusted if my husband even mentioned I was now doing willingly and wantonly with my new stud. Things like facials, cum play, exhibitionism, voyeurism, threesomes, dogging, sex games, sex parties, glory holes, gang bangs and of course anal. I've done it all. And I'm loving every second of it. He has awoken the whore inside me and she is here to stay. 

Anal is our big thing. I'd never had a cock up my arse before him. I'd never even entertained the notion. My husband had suggested it once and we got in a big row, it was one thing that was strictly off limits for me. Until the donkey. When a stud with a 10inch member orders you to 'bend over and spread those fucking cheeks' you obey like a good slut ;) You grin through the pain (and it hurt like a motherfucker the 1st time - pun intended :)) and you grow to love it. I now not only enjoy anal, I ADORE anal. I've become quite the little butt slut over these past few months, but only for my lover. My husband doesn't get to go anywhere near my shithole, it's exclusively for donkey dicks ;). In fact, we're obsessed with anal now, he rarely fucks my cunt anymore (probably once or twice a week). Anal however is bi-weekly. Daily if opportunity presents, and when it does usually bi-daily. 

I still fuck my husband - why would I deny myself sex - but he only gets my pussy. Sometimes if my lover had recently sodomised me and blown a load up my shit spout and I'm riding my hubby, sometimes his cum will start streaming out of my arse, down my legs and onto the bed. My hubby's noticed a few times and I just tell him that I'm so wet for him that I squirted everywhere. Bless him he thinks he's quite the stud now.

A few weeks ago the sick fuck confessed that in the months prior to our affair beginning he had been feeding me his spunk without my knowledge. Things like asking me if I'd like a glass of milk, blowing his load in the glass, adding the milk, mixing it all together and watching me swallow every last drop. Or offering me a coffee, depositing his man milk in the mug, then making the cum-coffee and watching me drink it. When he told me it was probably the most turned on I'd ever been in my entire life and we had the hottest, roughest, loudest most decadent fuck of our affair right after his confession. 

I do feel guilty as I'm betraying not only my hubby but also my daughter and I do love them both dearly. But then there's the other part of me, the part that controls me, that is just impossibly turned on by the whole situation. I am not in love with her boyfriend but I am madly in lust with him, and his huge cock. It is purely sex. Nothing more nothing less. But it is mind-blowing, life changing sex. If I were 20, 10 or even 5 years younger I would probably have divorced my husband, disowned my daughter and be living with her boyfriend as his personal fuck-toy. The sex is THAT good. I know I am never going to be able to stop fucking him. I have no plans to, but if I did I still wouldn't be able to. If he stopped it, maybe we'd end our affair, but I could never. Not after knowing how good the sex is.


Fucking My Neighbor & Her Daughter 

Hi and Hello to all readers. My Name is Shiva. I am from Chennai. And this my first story to you all. "Jayalakshmi, is my neighbor. I was fucking her from 10.11.2008. We have fucking sessions till today ( I will submit to you that story after wards ). After sex with "Jaya, we move freely with each other. But I would also like to fuck her daughter "Neethu.

And she was second one to fuck. I don't know how "Jaya, will react after hearing it. I made my mind strong and asked her "Jaya, I would like my cock into your daughter's cunt and like to fuck her. She was stunned and said "Shiva, this is not at all fair. If you want to fuck me, you can do with me whatever you want. But it is not the meaning that I give a chance to you to fuck my daughter. She is a small girl, she was just 19. This is not the age to have sex with any one. She is so sensitive and she can't toggle pain in sex at this age. She refused and left the place. After some days there is no interaction or intercourse with "Jaya. I ashamed to see "Jaya. In few days she came to my house and asked "Shiva, why you have been too wrong with me, "Neethu, is too young and i can't give the sex life to her. Please understand my position and lets have some intercourse. Then we had sex and we were in tired. As I lied next to her and said "Jaya, I love to fuck your daughter at least once and this is not my order. Its just a request. You know I am the best than your husband. If your daughter have get married and as like as you she is not satisfied with her husband, what will she do..?

Just like you she will do sex with another man who is staying nearby to her house, as you have done with me. You know that I can satisfy you in sex. So, the only reason to fuck your daughter is to teach her how to get satisfied from her husband. At last she granted permission to me to teach her daughter after some arguments. I was very happy to hear that from "Jaya. Thinking how to fuck "Neethu, my cock grew stiffer. I jumped on "Jaya, and made my movements faster and harder. I am fucking "Jaya, but my mind is full of "Neethu.

As the day as come, "Jaya came to my house with her daughter. "Shiva, here she is, do whatever you want. "Neethu, can't understand anything what her mother was speaking. She asked her mom what and why we are here in his home. She said "Neethu darling, he need to fuck you and so we are here. "Neethu, was stunned and said this not at all fair. "Jaya, said this is fair for me. We two have been fucking for a long period.

Because your father is useless do sex with me. Do you know something me and your father had sex for only for two times when we get married before 19 years. I thought that my husband can't give more sex life to me. And I came to know that he is not interested much in sex. Being myself compromised that no more sex in my life. I was worrying all the days since younger years. I haven't turned my attention to any man till this 18 years.

Because I can't do any bad things to my husband, even though he is keeping me as a princess. But he never came to knew that I need him not any money or jewels. I have trusted my husband and I am sure that he will fuck me soon. But when "Shiva, become our neighbor I said to myself that he can satisfy me. And no need of waiting for my husband and he won't fuck me anymore. I am very fond of doing sex with "Shiva.

Just remove your clothes and jump into the bed and get ready. If you are in bed with him, you will learn to satisfy your husband. So do it soon. But "Neethu, was refused and moved from that place. "Jaya, grappled her and pushes to the bed and she locked the door. "Jaya, began to remove her clothes and jumps to bed. She asked "Neethu, to watch her. She removed my pants and took my cock into her mouth. "Mom this is not good. And you should not do it, you have married and you need to do all this with your husband. "

Neethu, I said your father is useless. So suck this cock. But "Neethu, hasn't compromised. "Jaya, slaps her on the face and moved "Neethu, towards her. She asked her to have my cock in her mouth. "Neethu, begans to cry but "Jaya, opened her mouth and put my cock into her mouth. She put her lips on the tip of my cock. She pushes "Neethu's, mouth towards my cock. It was entered half into her mouth. "Jaya, pushes her mouth towards my cock in and out. Then she asked her to move and she did it nicely. "

Jaya, knew that I was about to cum. She pushes "Neethu, towards my cock and I cummed inside her mouth. "Jaya, asked her to drink it. But "Neethu splits into the floor. "Jaya, was becoming angry and said you are useless as like your father. She removed "Neethu's dress. She tied "Neethu's hands on the top of the bed. "Jaya, asked me to lick her. I licked her face, lips, breasts, stomach and finally to the cunt. She was crying loudly when I was licking her. I crused her breasts and bite her nipples hardly.

I increased my pleasure and now she was enjoying slightly. She stopped her tears slowly. I moved to her cunt and licked. She began to scream. "Jaya, began to lick her own daughter's breasts. I entered my tongue into her cunt and licked hardly holding her thigh's in my hand so that she can't move them. I went deep into the cunt. "Neethu, was crying and she cummed for two times. I can't hold on now.

I have spread her legs apart and tried to insert my cock into her cunt. And put my cock over the hole, the hole was tight and she began to cry. Since she was 19 year old. She yelled 'leave me ahhh ahhh ahhhhh'. "Mummy, please ask him to leave. I can't do this its paining me a lot. "Jaya, didn't listened to her. For the first time my tool didn't enter into her vagina. Then I inserted my fingers to loosen the honey hole. I did it for some time, once again I tried to insert with little bit force.

With my second attempt I went half inside. Then it went inside but its too tight. She was screaming loudly and started to scold me. I got aroused and I didn't listened to her. I inserted my cock to its fullest length. I kept it inside for some time so that she can relive from pain. After some time I started my action in the in and out movement slowly. Later her tears were dried. And now she was too enjoying and co-operated well. That made my action faster. She began to scream and shout. "Jaya, inserted her right breast into "

Neethu's, mouth so that she can't scream or shout. She said "Neethu, lick my breast and you can relieve from pain. "Neethu, was licking it nicely. Meanwhile I began to increase my action faster and harder. She cummed for the third time and it is fully filled with blood. Then "Jaya, cleaned and rubbed "Neethu's cunt. "Neethu, was on her normal position, and she was relaxed for a long time by licking her mother's breasts.

I was seeing that moments and I was very happy that I have fucked both mother and her daughter. Then "Jaya, said to do it for me. I obeyed and fucked her cunt with my cock. I asked "Neethu, to see how your mother was responding and enjoying and how to co-operate. "Neethu, watched her mother how she was responding. I seen that "Neethu's eyes was blinked with joy and happiness. And now she lied next to her mother, saying I am next. "

Jaya, started to lick her daughter's breast. After finishing "Jaya, I moved on to "Neethu, I lied on her and licked her breasts. I inserted my cock into her cunt and now she was responding well to my movements. She moved her hip in to and fro motion responding to my fro and to action. I started my action faster and harder. I cum 2 times on her breasts and it was licked by "Jaya. I increased my action faster and harder but now she can't toggle my action and it pains her a lot. She began to cry and scream louder.

But her screaming's made me to do my action faster and harder. She begged to me to leave her. I didn't listen to her words and I toured her cunt. After half-an-hour later I cum into her cunt. She was half unconscious when I cum and left her. She was speaking in low voice "Leave Me". I have drunken all her energy because this is the first experience to her. By now I have tired and lied in between to "Neethu, and "Jaya.

We three get relaxed on the bed totally naked. I sucked "Neethu's, breasts vigorously. Then we three get refreshed. I cleaned "Neethu's, body and "Jaya, cleaned my body. We both cleaned "Jaya's body. I left their house by 5.30 PM. Then I went to Besant Nagar with my friends. Then after all enjoyment with my friends I went to my house at 11.15 PM. Since no one in my house I get refreshed and watched some songs on TV.

I was not dressed and tied a towel around my waist. "Jaya, knocks the door and I opened the door. She said "Shiva, can we fuck. I proudly said come inside my Lovely Wife. She came inside with a smile. "Neethu, followed her. I asked "Jaya, why she was here. "Jaya, said she need your cock. Now I refused her and said to "Jaya, that she was screaming and she became unconscious, so leave "Neethu, tonight. "Shiva, she need you, see how she was worrying. Please "Shiva, do it to her for me. I can't refuse "Jaya, and I accepted.

But what about your husband I asked to "Jaya. Quickly "Neethu, said my father went to her mother's house. Then I explained all the things happened during sex to "Neethu. She was listening to me quietly nodding her head. As explaining my cock grew stiffer and it is trying to tore my towel. Then I asked "Neethu, to fuck my cock with her mouth as I explained. She opened the towel and took my cock into her mouth completely. She slowly done her in and out action.

By the side "Jaya, was sitting next to me and encouraging her daughter to do well. I asked "Neethu, to stand and I removed her clothes completely. She was standing nude in front of me and she feel too shy. I admired her beauty for sometime and asked her to do your job. She obeyed and took my cock into her mouth. "Jaya, was sitting next me and I removed her saree. I removed her blouse and bra.

I took her breasts into my mouth. I licked it and crushed it. She moves from me and said its paining da Purusha ( Husband ). I moved her towards me and said I love your breasts Pondati ( Wife ). I am your husband and I can do whatever I need. She smiled and I licked her breasts again hardly. I bitted it. She jumps into pain and hugged me tightly. All the time "Neethu, was very busy in licking my cock.

She don't know what was going around. I was about to cum and I said to "Neethu, that I am going to cum and lick it soon. As my order she licked completely. She continued to fuck my cock. I stopped "Neethu. I removed "Jaya's "Thalli" and wore to "Neethu, saying that you are my wife from here afterward, Since I am the second husband for your mommy. And I said I got two lovely wife's, who always loves to fuck my cock.

"Jaya, was listening to all these and she laughed. She said that we too love to be your wifes. And we will be your wifes for every night. We will always serve you the feast. As "Jaya, already taken out the "Thalli" from her body and asked me to wore and marry her ( Since her husband is useless. We were couples only when we fuck). I asked "Neethu, to wore it from your mother whenever we fuck. I took her into hands and asked to stand on the sofa facing me. Now I was licking my

Second Wife ( Neethu's ) cunt. "Jaya, was beginning to treat my cock into her mouth. As "Neethu, was standing and I licked her completely. She cummed three times and I drunken it. Now my cock was fully erected and I made "Neethu, to sit on me. She sat in the top of my cock. I asked her to do the action. Slowly she jumps in her motions. Her motion were too nice. And I asked her to do it fast.

As much as she can do she finished. I hold her ass and inserted her cunt into my cock slowly. It was in fully. By now I hold her and I done the rest. She was in my hands and she was hugging me tightly. After some times she can't toggle and began to cry. But I said to her if you cry I will increase my action. But she cannot stop her screaming's. I was not comfortable on the sofa and I took her into my hands without taking my cock from her cunt and went to the bed room.

I put down in the bed and made my actions faster and harder. She can't toggle with me. I left her and made my move towards my first wife "Jaya. I inserted my cock into her cunt. I fucked her vigorously. When I have cum into "Jaya's cunt, I seen that "Neethu, was releasing from pain. So I fucked her. As "Jaya was not feeling good now and she asked me to fuck her and put my cock into her cunt until she sleep.

"Neethu, was licking her mother left breast and I licked the right. When "Jaya, felt sleeping I took my cock from her cunt. I made my move towards "Neethu's cunt. We have been fucked throughout the night. "Neethu, was screaming and crying all the night. But she enjoys it more than her mother. In the morning we finished our breakfast and watched the TV.

"Jaya, shows her breast's to me. It was too red in colour as I have been bit it in the night. Then "Neethu, too opens her clothes and shows her breasts too, that it was also crushed by me and she said to her mother that it was paining. I slowly massaged both my wife's breasts. We three planed for a movie. And we went in my car. "

Neethu, was in the front and "Jaya, was in back seat. All the time when I was driving "Neethu, sucked my cock. She is not ready to leave my cock. "Jaya, was encouraging her daughter, since she was fucking my cock nicely. We went to the movie and returned to our house by 3 PM. We three soon had another session and now I had two lovely wife's to fuck in anywhere and anytime. Till now whenever we three get free we used fuck vigorously.

I Had SEX With My Daughter's BOYFRIEND – True Confession


My daughter Anna had boyfriends regularly and they were all quite the same. They were young, awkward teenage boys who were overjoyed they had a girlfriend.
I met Anna's 19-year-old boyfriend, Lukas, for the first time at a small party she had for her 17th birthday. Lukas was absolutely gorgeous: tall, tanned, green eyes, broad shoulders and ruffled blonde hair. He came up and introduced himself to me and gave me a firm handshake, which I find is so important when I meet new people.
He gave me a charming, white-toothed smile and said how pleased he was to meet me. I had never intended to look amazing for the evening, but I dressed up for her birthday. But after meeting Lukas I rushed back to my room to fix my hair and make-up.
Anna was my only child and over the years I have taken care of my appearance. I was only young and I was used to attracting men. I knew I shouldn't have with Lukas but there was something I couldn't resist.
I ignored my feelings for him that night, while still looking at him when I coincidentally had to put more food or drinks out. While getting food from the kitchen I overheard the boys on the porch talking about how hot I was
Most of the guests stayed the night. As I went to bed I walked out to see Lukas returning from the bathroom shirtless. I tried to ignore it as best as I could but Lukas noticed my interest straight away and gave me a flirty, arrogant smile. I composed myself and returned the look, his surprise gave me the knowledge I could have him straight away. I controlled my urge that night; I knew it was Anna's birthday.
Every time Anna wanted to invite him over I said she couldn't. I didn't want to confront him or the feelings I had. Anna got upset so often when she couldn't have him over, as it had never been an issue before, and she thought I hated him.
One night I finally agreed to let Lukas stay over. I nervously got ready. My hands shook when I put my mascara on and I put on my nicest underwear and sprayed on the perfume I only used on special occasions, Chanel Chance.
Lukas was arriving from his practice and Anna had singing lessons the same afternoon, so I assumed they would arrive the same time.
Unfortunately at 6pm Anna called and said there had been a car accident and traffic had been built up. She was trying to get the back way home but couldn't get through.
Lukas arrived on time. I thought it would be awkward, conversing with my daughter's boyfriend, but I found him so witty and charming. He spoke so confidently and smoothly; I couldn't tell if he was flirting with me or not.
I got a wine out of the fridge as I did every night and later found myself flirting with him. I bit the edge of my wine glass and laughed when he spoke, leaning over casually so he could catch a glimpse of my cleavage. I noticed his eyes glanced casually over my body, there was no effort to hide it and he caught my eyes, in that moment I knew I had to do something.
After I downed my wine, Lukas stood up and took my glass to the kitchen and I followed him in.
He had his back to me so I kissed his neck down to his collar and slid my hands down his body. He turned around and put me on the kitchen bench. His hands were everywhere. He was more experienced than any man I had ever been with. We were so frantic for each other he tore off my shirt and my nice underwear, and we made love on the benchtop.
We suddenly heard Anna's car pull into the drive way and I grabbed my clothes hurriedly and ran to my room to shower and change, but not before Lukas pulled me in quickly and kissed me in a way I had never been kissed before.
That night, while they were watching movies, I overheard Anna's voice. She was yelling at Lukas. She said he smelt like perfume she didn't own and had the tiniest smudge of lipstick on his blue collar. She screamed and cried, telling him he could never come back. I waited in the next room, scared he would tell her our dirty secret.
He denied it guiltily and left, knowing Anna wouldn't forgive him.
He called our home the next day while Anna was at school and I agreed he could come over during the day as long as Anna wasn't here.
I wanted to call it off but he was too gorgeous. There were no strings attached.
I still see Lukas one or two days a week. Anna doesn't know and never will, though we agreed it was too much of a risk to continue doing what we did at our house.
I feel horrible for doing this to Anna. She tried patching her relationship up with Lukas but he never wanted to get involved again after hurting her so much.
I don't know if I can overcome the guilt I feel, but when I'm with Lukas the sex is just amazing. I threw out my Chanel perfume too.



My name is Diwakaran, a 53 year old widower, living near Cochin, in the state of Kerala, in India. I was leading a decent middle class life, until my wife expired last year. This is my real life story. Though I am totally ashamed of myself and my actions, I have only written this, to make other widowers like me, aware of the dangers of loneliness and also the dangers of staying alone with their daughters, during such times of loneliness in life ............

My wife and I have only one daughter. Her name is Anuradha. Since she was our only daughter, we loved her very much. We got her married and Anuradha had a happy married life and gave birth to two children, within the next 4 years. In a car accident, her husband passed away and my daughter became a widow at just 22 years of age. My daughter stayed from January 2006 with her in-laws. As they lived in a joint family it was not very comfortable. As I lived alone, they suggested that Anuradha and her children should come and live with me, from Deepawali onwards. At that point, from the time my wife had expired in 2005, I had been living all alone. For two years, there was no woman in my house. I was depressed and frustrated at my loneliness.

I was over-joyed to have my daughter and her children staying with me. I had a small house - one living room, two bed-rooms, kitchen and a bath-room, with a WC. Anuradha and her children occupied one bed-room and I slept in the other bed-room. My daughter took charge of all the needs of the house - in terms of cooking, cleaning, washing etc. For one month, things were fine. One day, during the 3rd week of November, when I woke up early in the morning, I found Anuradha asleep on a mat in the living room ! I woke her up.

I asked her, " Anu, what happened ? Why are you sleeping here ? Why are you not sleeping on the bed, in your room, with your children ? "

She replied, " Oh Papa ! There is almost no place on the bed. Your grand-children toss and turn and kick their legs while sleeping. It was so disturbing, that I came here and slept "

I said, " You should have woken me up. I would have come and slept on this mat in the living room and you could have slept on my bed, in my bed-room "

She replied, " No Papa. That is your and my late mummy's bed. I did not wish to be a nuisance "

I scolded her, " Anu, what is this ? You are my daughter. Though you have become a mother of two children, yet, you are still my child. So dont talk nonsense. From tonight, let your children use the bed in your bed-room, you sleep on my bed and I shall come and sleep here, in the living room. Now no arguments "

She said, " OK Papa. But, I dont want you to sleep on the floor. If you insist that I should sleep on your bed, then I have an idea. Look Papa, is it OK with you, if I come and sleep on your bed, along side with you ? Afterall I am your daughter and have slept on your bed along side you, so many times, during my child-hood "

I replied, " OK Anu, from tonight, after putting your children to sleep in their room, you come and sleep on my bed, beside me ! Happy now ? "

She replied happily, " Yes Papa. Like old times. I can still recollect all those nights during my child-hood, when I used to sleep next to you and you used to tell me stories ! "

That night, after dinner, I went to my bed and lay down on one side - leaving ample space for my daughter on the other side of the bed. For some reason, I could not sleep and was lying wide awake on my bed, in the darkness, as there was the usual nightly power-cut. After finishing all her work, my young daughter put her children to sleep. The door to my bed-room opened. I saw my daughter entering with a candle. She glanced at me. She thought that I was asleep. So, I too pretended to be asleep - but my eyes were slightly open, watching her. As the candle light, was too dim, she could not see my slightly open eyes.

I had always looked upon my daughter, as a little girl. Though my daughter was the mother of two children, it was for the first time in the candle light, I realised that, she was a fully grown woman ! She was beautiful. My daughter was very fair. Now with her white saree and blouse, she looked like an angel. I could see her gorgeous breasts, from under the palloo of her saree. When she turned, I saw her large and firm buttocks, from under her saree. I felt my penis getting erect. I had been without a woman for almost 2 years. Now that I was seeing a woman in my bed-room and that too - in the semi-darkness at night - I was getting sexually excited - though it was my own daughter ! I was disgusted at myself ! She put off the candle, and in the darkness, came and lay down beside me. I was awake and hoping that she would not notice the erection under my dhoti ! I could smell her fragrance. My erection was fully raging now. Within the next 10 minutes, I noticed that she had
fallen asleep. I turned on my side to look at her. She looked so innocent. Though my penis was erect, I dared not touch her. I finally fell asleep.

After 2 hours, some movement on the bed, woke me. I saw that, in her deep sleep, Anu had turned and snuggled up close to me, like she used to, when she was a little girl. Her voluptous body touched mine. She had flung her left arm over me, hugging me. The only problem now was - she was not a child. She was a fully grown attractive and voluptous woman. And more importantly, I was a man, who had gone without a woman, for two years. My penis was once again became erect ! My heart was beating wildly. I started sweating ! I was frightened. She had hugged me out of a daughter's trust and love, for her father. Not out of any sexual feeling. I did not wish to do anything foolish. I did not wish to be an idiot. But, no matter how much I tried, I could not control my own sexual excitement. A war was raging within me. A war between a father's feelings towards a daughter and a man's feelings towards a sexually attractive woman. After some time, she came more close to me and hugged me
more tightly.

Anuradha, now put her left leg over my legs. I could distinctly feel the heat from her crotch, seeping through her saree, through her petticoat and through my dhoti, directly onto my penis. Further, again in her sleep, she caught my head with her left hand and pushed it downwards, towards her breasts. Though I am a father and I love my daughter as a father should, yet, I am also a man with human weaknesses. I knew that my daughter breast fed her baby. Now that she was virtually pushing my head towards her breasts, I did not resist. I allowed her to do so. But after pushing my head a few inches towards her breasts, to my disappointment, she turned. She was lying on her back with her head turned towards me, and I could tell that she was in a deep sleep. I lost control on my self.

I got up, crouched over her and whispered, " Anu, are you awake ? "

Eliciting no response, I gently shook her shoulder to see if she would open her eyes. Again, no response. With my inhibitions disappearing, and my arousal growing, I lightly caught the top of her saree palloo and slipped it down, to reveal her young and tender breasts, covered in her blouse. I saw she was wearing a white bra inside. Very nervously I gazed at my daughter's body. I ran my palm very lightly over the breasts and cupped them. I got more excited. Slowly, I un-hooked her blouse. Her lovely breasts were visible in her bra. I lightly touched her breasts over her bra. My hands were shaking with fear. But I still could not control my lust. I turned her slowly to her left side. I un-hooked her bra and turned her again on her back. The sight was incredible. My young daughter's gorgeous breasts were perfect. They were large, round and fleshy. My daughter had large, black and protruding nipples.

Silently, I began cupping and fondling my widowed daughter's exciting breasts. Now, I simply could not control myself. I bent and took one of her nipples into my mouth and started sucking upon it. Warm sweet milk started shooting into my mouth. This was my daughter's breast milk, meant for my grand-child. But, here I was - lustfully drinking my own daughter's breast milk ! As I drank her milk, I got careless with lust. I bit her nipple. Anuradha suddenly woke up. She was shocked to see her un-hooked her bra and blouse. She was frightened to see me fondling her breasts and sucking her nipples.

She exclaimed, " Papa ! What are you doing ? "

With shame, I replied, " I am sorry Anu, I could not control myself. After your mother died, I have been with out a woman. Now, when you hugged me in your sleep, I simply could not control myself. I am really sorry ! "

Even when I was saying sorry, I kept fondling my daughter's breasts. Anu began struggling. She tried to remove my mouth from her nipple and my hands from her breasts.

She pleaded, " Papa, I am your own daughter. So, please do not do this "

I replied, " Anuradha, yes, I know. But, I am not able to help myself. I must have you now ! "

She exclaimed, " No Papa. Please. Please dont do this. I am a widow. I am the mother of your own grand-children. This is a sin. I can not face them and myself tomorrow, if you force yourself on me, tonight "

I said, " Anu dear, please allow me - only tonight. I am desperate to enjoy your body. Look, I have such a huge erection. Look how frustrated I am ! Dont you love me anymore ? Dont you care for my needs ? Dont you want your Papa to be happy ? "

She started crying and sobbed, " Papa, I have always loved you and still love you. But not like this. I love you as a daughter. So, please leave me now. I shall go and sleep in the living room now ! "

I was afraid that she would leave the bed and go. I was so desperate that, I leaned on my daughter and tried to kiss her. But she turned her face. I lowered my head over my daughter's breasts and again sought her nipples, with my mouth. She tried to turn. My daughter began struggling under me and tried to wriggle free, to run away. I forced myself upon her, to crush her under my weight and keep her from running away. She kept struggling, but, could not move from under my weight. I caught her hands and held them above her head, while I searched for her nipples with my mouth. I caught one erect nipple and began sucking it. My tongue was moving over her swollen breast.

She sobbed, " Papa, please dont do this. Please leave me alone. Is what you are doing to me, right ? Is it not a sin ? Find some other woman to satisfy your need, Papa. I am your own daughter, afterall ! "

I replied, " I know Darling. I am ashamed. But I am unable to control my feelings. I am excited now. I want you as a woman, tonight. I want to touch you, feel you, caress you and fuck you ! Please dear, can we forget that we are father and daughter for tonight ? Please ? I am so desperate ! "

She kept struggling. I started rubbing my body all over her body. She was loudly crying now. But I could not control myself. I caught both her hands with my left hand and tried to put my right hand under her saree and petticoat to touch her cunt. I kept sucking her nipples and drinking my daughter's breast milk. She kept crying. I was trembling with desire for my daughter's young cunt. I roughly turned her to one side and began cupping her large buttocks through her petticoat. I began rubbing my swollen cock, on her fleshy buttocks, through her petticoat. My daughter understood, that there was no escape from me. She gradually stopped crying and struggling. She lay still, allowing me to fondle her tender body, as I wished.

Then quietly she said, " OK Papa. You want to drink my milk, from my breasts Papa ? OK - Drink it. Just leave some for your grand-son. But please do not have sex with me "

Saying this, my daughter thrust her nipples into my mouth. It was as if, she was handing me, a precious, delicate gift. I roughly bit her tender breasts, sucked upon her swollen nipples and completely drank all my daughter's breast milk. Now, my daughter looked at me - silently.

She asked me, " Satisfied Papa ? "

I replied, " Yes Anuradha, Now, I would like to do other things too ! "

She pleaded, " No, Papa. Please, Please, Please, I beg you. Do not have sex with me. I am your daughter. I am in my fertile period of the month. I may get pregnant "

I replied, " No. I got to have you now. If you get pregnant, we will go to Cochin and abort the baby. But, now I must thrust my cock into your tight cunt. Anuradha, let me see your cunt now "

Defeatedly and reluctantly, she closed her eyes and parted her thighs. My hand moved to her legs and began pulling up her saree. I could see her white petticoat covering her legs. I pulled up the petticoat too, exposing my young Anu's lovely thighs. I kissed and massaged her fair thighs. I pulled up the saree and petticoat further, to expose her vagina. Anu had not worn any panties. I was shocked. My daughter's young cunt was like a thick jungle. It was completely covered and matted with thick, pubic hair. Black, curly and silky hair. I untied the string of her petticoat and pulled it away from her, along with her saree, leaving her naked. She covered her face with shyness. I kneaded the fleshy mound of her amazingly hairy cunt. I ran my fingers, now and then, all along her crack, manipulating her labial swelling and teasing my daughter's clitoris. She couldn't bear the sensations. She widened her thighs and offered her cunt to my access, willingly. Then I pushed my middle
finger into the slushiness of her crevice. My daughter lifted her buttocks a little and fucked back at my finger, exposing her own eagerness, shamelessly.

I now smelled my daughter's cunt. It had a strong pungent odor, which was very erotic. I rubbed my face on her pubic hair. Then I kissed my daughter's hairy cunt and played with her silky pubic hair. When the tip of my tongue probed into her engorged cunt lips, a shiver of pleasure ran through the length of her body. I started lapping at her cunt and sucked up her honey-juices. I ran my tongue all along the labyrinths of its inner lips and on the rim of its swollen outer lips. As time went, waves of pleasure rippled through her body. Tossing her head, from side-to-side, moaning and groaning, she lifted her buttocks and pushed the gash of her cunt at my face. Suddenly my daughter convulsed. The dam inside her cunt broke down, to bathe my tongue and mouth with the flood of its juices. Her buttocks collapsed on the floor, but she didn't let me go. I lapped at her cunt for some more time, till she was satisfied. I smiled at my daughter. Out of shyness, she covered her face with
her hands. I took away her hands and kissed her tenderly. My daughter was now still more hotter.

She shyly whispered to me, " Papa ....... Oh Papa ! "

I now spread her thighs wide apart and pushed up both her knees, to touch on either of her shoulders. She was almost curled up and her hairy cunt was on top. In that spread out position of her cunt, my innocent Anu looked so vulgar, so cheap and yet - so exciting ! I placed my throbbing cock at her little vaginal opening and began to push my cock-head into her. As my cock began to gradually slide into her, she began feeling uncomfortable. When I began to push my cock further, she screamed in pain. I stopped.

I asked her, " Anu Darling, what is the matter ? Are you in pain ? "

She whimpered, " Yes, Papa, it is terribly paining. Please keep still and dont withdraw. Just give me a moment to relax. I shall be OK and then you can thrust your organ, fully into me "

She had tears in her eyes. I kissed her. I leaned over and sucked her erect nipples into my mouth. After a while, when I saw that my daughter was OK, I forcefully thrust my full organ into her tight cunt. She screamed again. Now I began fucking her slowly. Not the big rush, that I was in before, but with long deep strokes. Gradually, my daughter was begining to enjoy my strokes. I started thrusting myself more faster and deeper into her cunt. She was herself raising her buttocks and fucking herself back, at my thrusting organ !

As I was fucking her, I asked her in lust, " Anu, is this how your husband used to fuck you too ? "

She shyly said, " No Papa "

I said, " Tell me how he fucked you, I want to know ! "

She replied, " Papa, though Vasu was a nice husband, he had a small penis and could not control himself. He used to ejaculate into me in 10 seconds after he put his organ into my vagina "

Now I pushed apart her thighs still further. I caught her legs with both my arms and pushed them up over her head. My innocent daughter's tender body was completely curled up, with ler legs over her head and her cunt completely on top. I kept thrusting my cock into her tender and tight cunt with speed and force. Her body was heaving up and down on the bed, as her cunt received my cock's forceful thrusts. My daughter was sweating heavily. She bit her lips and was allowing me, the pleasure of her widowed body. I kept pumping my cock furiously into her hairy cunt.

I asked her vulgarly, " Anu, when your husband fucked you, did you also raise your cunt up and fuck him back ? How many times did your husband fuck your tight cunt daily ? "

She replied, " Yes I did. But, no Papa, not daily. He fucked me maybe once in ten or fifteen days "

My cock was now driving into her cunt deep. Gradually, she started moaning. Her body was being thrown up and down, with my thrusts into her cunt. Now she started loudly moaning and biting her lips hard. I could see that my daughter was building up towards her orgasm. I started slamming my cock into her cunt with full force and vigour now.

Again, thrusting my strong cock into my daughter's cunt, I asked her, " Did he manage to satisfy you and make you get your orgasm, when he fucked you ? "

She replied, " No Papa. When my husband fucked me, as his organ was so small, I hardly felt anything. So I almost never got an orgasm. I must have orgasmed only maybe 6 - 7 times in our four years of marriage "

Anuradha was biting her lips and focussing on getting her orgasm now. I slammed into her still more deeply. She wrapped her arms and thighs around me. She fucked her vagina upwards onto my penis, with such force and pressure, as fast as I could move. Suddenly her vaginal muscles gripped my penis and burst with her orgasm. She moaned deeply as her vagina, began to release her juices. Her nails dug into my back, as her thighs wrapped tighter around my torso. Her orgasm lasted for almost a minute and she kept moaning through out. Finally she collapsed dead tired. She was breathless. After a minute she regained her composure.

She said, " Oh Papa ! Now its your turn for pleasure "

I said, " No Anuradha, I should not ejaculate into your cunt. I dont want you to get pregnant. I think that you better suck my organ and let me ejaculate my semen in your mouth "

She replied, " Later Papa. Now I want you to ejaculate into my vagina. You wanted me. You wanted your daughter's body. Now you have my body. Enjoy me. Take your pleasure from my body. I want to feel my strong Papa's fertile seeeds shooting through my womb. Dont worry Papa, I shall have birth-control pills from tomorrow. But tonight, I want you to have your pleasure in my vagina and fill me up "

So saying she gripped my cock, with her strong vaginal muscles and again started thrusting her cunt on my penis. I felt heavenly and knew I could not last. Finally, my own orgasm burst. I slammed my cock into my daughter's cunt with all my might, for one last time and began ejaculating my semen, deep into her cunt. I finally collapsed on my daughter. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me.

She whispered, " Papa, are you happy now ? Is this not, what you wanted ? To ejaculate your seeds into your own daughter's vagina ? "

I said, " Yes, Darling. You were wonderful. What a fantastic cunt you have ! It just sucked out my cock like a vacuum pump ! I really enjoyed "

She said, " Papa, I hope this is the last time, that you are doing this to me. I am your daughter. What will happen, if people come to know ! "

I replied, " Anuradha dont be silly. You enjoyed my cock, as much as I enjoyed your cunt. You are a widow. But, you are also a healthy young girl, whose cunt regularly needs satisfaction, from a strong cock. So, from tonight, I will not only be your father, but also your lover, who will fuck you regularly and keep your amazing cunt satisfied. You will be my daughter and my mistress. So whenever, you want to get fucked, just call me "

She said, " But Papa, what about our neighbours and my children ? I am worried ! "

I mischieviously replied, " Anu, For the neighbours, we will be what we are. A widowed daughter, being taken care of, by her own father. Your children are too small for them to know anything. And anyway, put them to sleep in their rooms and then come here to my bed every night. Then we can fuck late into the nights. So everything would be OK. Dont worry ! OK ? Do you agree to be my mistress "

She shyly replied, " OK Papa "

I pushed two of my fingers into my daughter's slushy, semen filled cunt and said, " Good. Now my lovely little daughter cum mistress, from tonight - your young and tender body is for my pleasure. Your daddy's pleasure. So, from tonight, no shaving. I want to see thick hair, not only on your tight cunt, but also in your arm-pits, anus and legs. Thats how I want my mistress. All hairy. For my personal pleasure. OK ? And later, on another night, I want to push my cock and pour my seeds into your anal hole too ! "

She shyly replied, " OK Papa, if that is how you want me - all hairy - I shall grow hair all over my body, for your pleasure. Do, whatever you want with my body and take your pleasure. I am your own daughter, after all !!! "


My Grandma

I wouldn't say that I'm obsessed with porn but I love to jerk off. Like most guys my age I am addicted to girls, but lack the charm and experience to get one in bed. At fifteen I have had a few girlfriends but never got farther than second base with any of them. This pent up sexual energy results in my rubbing one off every few hours. Once in the morning, again when I get home from school, a quickie before dinner and one before I go to bed. On the weekends I do it even more.

One day my mom tells me that her and dad are going on trip to see an old college friend out of town. I though this was great, then I could pop some dvds in the big screen in the living room and really go to town. That all ended when she then told me that grandma would come by to keep me company while they were away. She didn't have to say it but I knew grandma was just coming by to babysit me. I sucked it up and put on a happy grin for my parents. They were going to leave Friday afternoon and wouldn't be back until Monday night. This was going to be the longest weekend of my life.

Friday came and so did grandma. She was 72 years old. She had long blond hair (most likely not natural) and was in rather good health. She got on the whole exercise bandwagon a few years back. So she runs and swims and does a lot of cardio work. She came over and gave me a big hug, squeezing me close to her. I tried very hard to keep my groin out of this bear hug because I was in the middle of jacking off and was still a little hard. I tried not to let my dick touch grandma, but thinking about it jut made my dick even harder. What was worse was she wanted us to all sit together and talk before my parents had to leave. I spent a half hour adjusting in my seat so no one could see my erection, and listening to my boring parents talk.

They finally decided it was time to hit the road and leave. When they left I tried to sneak off to my room to finish the job I started, but was stopped. "Jake, I thought we could talk some more, you were very quite."

I turned around and decided to wait it out a bit more, "Sure Grandma what do you want to talk about?"

"Anything, tell me about yourself, you've grown so much in the past few years."

"well nothing has been really going on with me. You know mostly school and stuff like that."

"What about girls, I'm sure a hansom stud like you has a line of girls just waiting to be with you."

I couldn't help but blush, this was the first time any woman has ever called me a stud, mind you it was my grandmother, but it still felt nice. "No, no girlfriend right now."

She shook her head in disappointment, "What a shame."
I tried to convince her that I had a huge book report I needed to start and went back to my room. I sat at my desk and looked at my computer. I opened the windows with the porn videos and pulled out my cock. I had an erection that was boiling for an hour with no relief. I started beating myself hard while I watched the college girls in the videos work for their tuition money. Just before I was about to blow my load I see the door open and I see grandma looking at my dick with shock. I don't know why but I couldn't stop myself. There I was looking at my grandma looking at my beating my dick and all I could do was keep going. Not only that but I came, and came hard. I felt the hot liquid hit my chin and chest before it subsided. When my dick stopped spouting cum my grandma turned around and walked out of my bedroom.

I was mortified I had no idea what to do next. I cleaned myself off and went down to see my grandma. She wasn't in the living room or kitchen, I decided to check out the guest room to see if she was there. I didn't know what I would do or say when I found her, but I knew I had to make sure she would not tell my parents about what she had seen. When I got to her door I could hear her breathing hard and panting. I though she was having a heart attack, I thought the sight of me cumming had actually killed my grandma.

I opened the door and saw my grandmother with her legs spread wide facing the door and she was masturbating. She was laying on the bed and had a huge dildo fucking her pussy while she rubbed her tits. Her back was arched and she couldn't see me standing there watching the show. I could hear her panting and moaning as she rammed the dildo into her pussy. I even heard her call my name, "oh Jake…fuck me harder…yes Jake ram me with that cock." Between seeing her fuck herself and her imagining it was me I got another hard on right there in the doorway.

As I stood there with my throbbing dick watching my grandmother ram a dildo into her and calling my name an idea came to me. I could either enjoy the show from afar, leave before I saw the climax, or join in the fun. I admit the idea of fucking my grandma sounds gross but when you're in the moment it just felt right.

I bent down on my hands and knees and crawled into the room undetected. I got to the bed and stood up in between my grandma's spread legs. I leaned forward put my hand on hers and started working the dildo. She jumped up and screamed in surprise. She also clamped me with her thighs causing our hands to be stuck on the dildo deep inside her. She tried to catch her breath, "Jake, what are you doing in here?"

"Well, I saw what you were doing and it looked like fun, so I thought I would join you." I managed to push the dildo even further into her dripping pussy causing her to let out a gasp. Seeing as how she didn't push me off or yell at me I figured she might want to go a bit farther. "So what made you so horny that you had to run off and fuck a dildo?"

"Jake this is really not an appropriate thing to talk about with me."

"You didn't answer my question. No matter, I can guess what got you all hot and wet." I took my free hand and reached for hers, I put it right on the bulge in my pants to feel my iron love pole. "Is this what got you so horny. You did get to see it in action." At this point I knew she was as good as mine. She was slowly massaging my dick through my pants, feeling every inch. "Is this what you wish that dildo was?"

She looked into my eyes and whispered, "Yes." I played with the dildo a bit more as she kept feeling me up. Finally she unzipped my fly and took out my dick. She just stroked it for a while, enjoying the feeling of it in her hand, "My how you've grown. Now how about you stick that adult sized dick inside me and fuck my brains out?"

No sooner had she said it then I was taking the dildo out and getting in position. I put my rock hard cock at her dripping opening and just rubbed it around her lips. It felt incredible to rub my head all over her lips and clit. After I while she could not handle the teasing anymore, "For the love of god stop playing around and fuck me like a man." I took that as part come on and part insult, which suited me fine, it made me a little angry that she insulted me and that just made me be a bit rougher with her.

"You want me to fuck you like a man?" Then I slammed my dick into her pussy to the hilt in one strong motion. She gave a little gasp. I spent no time waiting for her to get used to my dick inside her. When I was in I started fucking her hard and fast. I could hear the bed move on the floor by how hard I was thrusting. And the harder I thrust the harder she moaned. At first they were soft groans, then deep moans, and before long she was full out screaming, "Fuck Jake…Fuck that old pussy hard…oh god you're going to split me in two…fuck me hard baby." I have never heard my grandma say anything s offensive as bitch, so to hear her screaming for me to "fuck my fucking brains out with your monster fucking dick" was a new experience.

After ten minutes of that I pulled out, to her dismay, and told her to turn over. I wanted to fuck her doggie style. But first I gave a hard smack on the ass. "Am I fucking like a man now? Is this what you wanted you old whore?"
"Yes Jake, beat me like the whore I am just so long as you keep fucking me."

That's just what I did. She had two orgasms while I fucked her and her juices were dripping down my thighs. After a while I could feel my balls start to tingle and I knew I was going to cum soon. "I'm going to cum," I screamed. "Cum deep inside me Jake. I want to feel you fill me up with your love juice." After a few more hard strokes I came. And man did I cum. I could feel jet after jet of cum shoot from my dick and paint the side of my grandmother's pussy. I kept thrusting throughout my climax and made her cum again. I was there thrusting, cuming and screaming for what seemed like hours.

Finally my orgasm subsided and I collapsed next to my grandma. She laid there next me running her hands over my body and massaging my deflating cock. We rested for a while before we went back to fucking. Let me tell you we spent the entire weekend fucking, resting, eating and fucking some more. I don't know how many time we fucked, but we did it in every room and in every position imaginable. We even fucked in my parents' room.

When Monday night rolled around we were thoroughly spent. When my parents came home they had no idea what we had been doing. We told them we watched TV and went to the park for some jogging. We even convinced my parents to let grandma stay over that night. So while my parents were in their room sleeping grandma and me were in my room trying like hell not scream too laud when she was riding me cowgirl style.


Fucking My Grandmother

Hello I am Rahul. Today I am going to present you a real story of my life. This is really a true story of my life and is also one of my favourite times. Before introducing you with the story I want to tell you that I got to know about Desi Kahani from my friends so I also thought to post my own real story.

This is the story of me and my grandmother. I always didn't had any interest in my grandmother. I always considered her as my grandmother with full respect. But sometimes I got little bit horny like sometimes when I was sleeping with her and I touched her boobs by mistake. So by this I got little bit horny.

During that incident I was in 11th Class ie. I was of 18 years and my grandmother was of 61. So let me introduce you with my grandmother. She is of 61 of age. Her complexion is blonde or very fair. She till now does not look very old. Her boobs are very elastic. Her ass is fully round as seen from a saree.

My grandmother always wears a saree. One day in the morning during my school time I woke. My mom said- get ready fast as you are late. I said- sorry mom today and I do not want to go to school. She said- Ok by not creating any issue as she was very tired. Now my mother went upstairs to sleep.

I also went to sleep that day my father and grandfather were not at home. They had gone for an important work for 3 days only me, my mom and my grandmother were at home after sometime I was feeling uncomfortable with my shorts, so I thought to change it.

I went to the next room where my grandmother was sleeping. I opened my rack and took off black colour shorts as my grandmother was sleeping I changed my clothes just in front of her. I started to take off my old shorts. Now I was in my underwear. I started touching my penis then suddenly my grandmother woke up.

I took my hands back and she could not see me doing anything as I said that I was in underwear so my grandmother said to me that – you should not be nude in front of me. I said no, I am not nude. I am wearing my underwear. She laughed then she said- that you are nude for me and then I again said – No.

Then she said to me – Tell me that how you will be nude. I got little bit nervous but then I thought that there is no problem as she is my own grandmother and she has full rights to see my inner contents when I was going to pull my underwear she suddenly said to me that why I hadn't gone to school.

I said – Today there was not much work in school. She said – Ok!
Then she said – why have you stopped. Come on carry on.
I said – Of course!

After that I slowly put off my underwear. She then said to me to also put off your t-shirt. I said Ok to her.
Then after removing my t-shirt I got fully nude. My penis was going to be erect but I controlled over it. Then she gave me a smile and said now you're looking nude.

Then she asked me that where my mom is. I said that she had gone to sleep upstairs. She said- Great after this my grandmother came closer to me and sat on the bed near me. Then she said to me – when you was small you had a very short penis but now it's bigger.

Like this she talked to me for 10-15 minutes then she touched my penis with her hands. I felt very good. Then she started shaking my penis and she even did a hand job for a little time. Now my penis became fully erect. Me and my grandmother too became horny from now the showdown begins.

Now she came closer to me then I sat down on bed with her and now my sexy and horny grandmother brought her lips closer to mine. Now we touched each other's lips and kissed each other. We kissed each other for almost 10 minutes.

After releasing she said to me – was that kiss amazing. I said – Yes it was! Then we again kissed each other. Now I gave her a huge hug and touched her back, blouse and one of my favourites – boobs. She became more excited.

Now I kissed on her shoulder and back then we again had a lip to lip kiss. Then I again touched her boobs then I kissed on her neck and ears then my grandmother touched my penis and pressed it. I could feel that pain. It was very painful. Then I pull of her blouse and bra. Now her boobs were clearly visible.

Those were too much great that I could not control and started licking it. I sucked her boobs wildly and she became more and more excited. Now I kissed on her beautiful sexy nipples. Her nipples were that much great that I can't even imagine as it were of mother of mothers nipples.

Now my grandmother forcefully pulls my penis and made it touch with her boobs. That pulling was very painful but sex without pain is never excitement. She completely touched my penis with her beautiful wet nipples.

Now we both lay down and we brought our lips closer and had a kiss again. This time I hold her tightly and dur to this hold her boobs were squeezing with my body still at that time and I could not imagine that a grandmother can become that much horny that she can even have sex with her grandson.

After kissing I pulled her saree down forcefully and what was left was just her petticoat and underwear inside it. But I could see her naked broad stomach. She is little bit fatty so her stomach is also very fatty. But I am too fatty.

Now I brought my lips closer to her stomach and started licking on it. I kissed it too. That was very tasty. This taste attracted me towards her boobs again. So I came closer to her boobs and again started sucking her nipples.

My grandmother became happier and said to me – Do you want more. I said – If you wish. Now my grandmother said me to pull down her petticoat and then underwear. I did what she said and now I could see her pussy. It was very great as I was seeing it for the first time except in porn.

Now my grandmother said – Hey Rahul isn't it good. I said – It is amazing. Then she said – Then what are you waiting for, come on end the game. Now I put my first finger into her pussy. It was completely wet and my finger reached deep inside it. I was feeling great. Then I inserted my second and third finger and had finger fucking with her.

Now I brought my mouth closer to her vagina. I touched it with my lips and kissed on it several times and I touched it with my tongue and started sucking and licking on it. It was very tasty and brought my heart out.

I could again see a smile on her face. Now my penis was completely erect. I said to her – Do you want to suck my penis. She said – Yes.
Now she sat one the end of the bed and I stood on the floor. We both were completely nude and no one knows about us.

Now she holds my penis and again pressed it. This time I let it do as long as she could. She holds it for almost 4-5 minutes. That was painful but actually more excited.

Now she brought her mouth near my penis and kissed it. Then she gave a smile to me and said – This was the thing I wanted then and she completely inserted my penis into her mouth and started sucking it. I was enjoying that moment very much and she sucked it for almost 10 – 12 minutes.

Then I said to her – Get ready granny, now comes the pain. She said by giving a smile on her face- No problem son, I am very much experienced. Then she lie down the bed and set her thighs on height for an easy fucking.

Then I inserted my erect penis into her vagina which was very wet and then I started fucking her by moving my penis vulgarly. Earlier I felt the pain when she pressed my penis but this time she felt that pain while fucking she said – Do not stop just to do it.

Now 10 minutes were passed and my cum was fully out of my penis as I mentioned above that she is of 61 means that now she could not bear any child. So I let my cum go deep inside her. Some of the cum got stick to my penis.

She again sucked my penis and drank and licked all the cum that came out of it. Suddenly when we saw the clock it was 9:00 clock and my mom was being ready.

So we both had a bath in same bathroom on same time with each other and got ready fast and after that my grandmother said – Hey Rahul you are too amazing. I said – You too granny. She said – What's your next plan. I said to her by giving a smile – Tonight is free. She said – Get ready for tonight.

I said – Yes my old darling, my fucking granny. Now also I remember my first sex with her. Now also whenever we get time we kiss each other and when there is a lot of time then we have fucking and fucking.